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Students Articles
Daania Paniwala, 6A - CPGIS Oshiwara
Aditya Singh Bhadouria, Sr. KG - CPGIS Thane
Arjun Moorthy, Grade 2-B - CPGIS Oshiwara
Eshanvi jain, Class 1st - CPGIS Thane
COVID-19, Devanshi Panigrahi, - CPGIS Thane
Devanshi Panigrahi, Grade 3rd
Daisy Bhowmick, class 8th - Cpgis Pune
Yanna Vats
Agastya Sawe, Grade 3 - Cpgis Juhu
Baladithya Medikonduri, Grade 5 - Cpgis Thane
Daisy Bhowmick, Class 8th - Cpgis Pune
Aayush Mhadgut, Grade 4 - Cpgis Thane
The Sports Song by Soumya Kulkarni, Grade 2
Limerick Submission by Shaurya Ladha, Grade 2B - Cpgis Pune
The imagination soup by Shree R Singh 4 - C
Mahika Iyer Standard IV - C
Mahika Iyer Standard IV - C
Mahika Iyer Standard IV - C

Coffee with Corona

June 12, 2020

Yesterday, I was drinking a mug of cold coffee in my balcony. My mother had put a large scoop of ice- cream in it, but it still tasted bitter.

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June 12, 2020

Long time ago, when the world had humans settling in the continents’, they would have no source of entertainment. In the wild forests of Africa,

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What does earth day really mean to you?

April 14, 2020

Each year, more than one billion people across the globe celebrate Earth Day by diverting their attention to the environment and various ways to protect it.

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April 12, 2020

We consider plants as bare accessories in our hectic lives. We embellish our houses, offices,malls and other places using plants.

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