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What does earth day really mean to you?

April 14, 2020

Each year, more than one billion people across the globe celebrate Earth Day by diverting their attention to the environment and various ways to protect it. Festivals, rallies and outdoor events are held in hundreds of countries with the support of community and political leaders, environmental organizations and even Hollywood and well known personalities. But what does earth day really mean ? The very first time ‘Earth day’ was celebrated amongst the other festivals was in 1970 in the Unites States on 22nd April. A staggering 20 million people held rallies across the US after the catastrophic event. Today, it is widely credited as being one of the sparks of the modern environmental movement.

It’s funny how after all the initiative we take to protect the planet we live in, the ‘protect the environment’ part lasts for only a day. Then, we spend the majority of the rest of the year either taking advantage of those resources, or marginalizing those who are already vested in its care every single day of their lives.

Day in and day out, farmers around the world think about the earth. It is the go-to source and resource of their very existence. They make considerations for soil types and needs, they think about the what, where, how and when of crop plantation, all according to what the earth tells them. They have to consider water availability, quality and distribution. These farmers with no fame, no big platform to show off their good work and with no one appreciating them, they continue to keep up the work that has saved and extended life expectancy of earth. And till today the only reason we live and earth lives is cause these farmers take care of us, and they do it whole heartedly without any complaints.

So what earth day really means isn’t showing up to save your planet once in 365 days, it is either to rescue the earth we put in danger by doing a good deed every day to help it live or we should we quietly admire the work others do without criticising them to protect the life of earth and the life on earth. So let us all together promise our planet that from this 22nd April onwards we all, as one will take a step in helping save the planet.

Ms. Rajita Nair
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