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June 10, 2020

Long time ago, when the world had humans settling in the continents’, they would have no source of entertainment. In the wild forests of Africa, there lived a woodcutter called Zathura with his wife Manzandaba along with their two children. When Zathura went to the woods to chop trees’, his wife would cook food, finish all the household chores and look after the children. The children collected beautiful flowers from the garden, chased the crabs to the sea, collected seashells and rejoiced the beautiful scenery of rainbow between the clouds in the sky. When they would get bored, they would ask their mother to narrate them some stories. But, Manzandaba would not have any stories to tell as she didn’t know what stories were. So she asked her husband if he knew any. “Stories? I am a woodcutter Manzandaba. How would I know what stories are?” , replied Zathura. “Why don’t you ask the grand old tortoise who lives in the cave between the forest? He might know some stories” , he suggested. After hearing her husband, without a second thought, she hurried over to meet the tortoise. “Oh Manzandaba! I’ve grown very weak and old now. I cannot recall any tales. Why don’t you go and ask Hooty Owl, for she stays awake all night and roams the entire forest!”, said the grand old tortoise. As soon as dust fell, she went to meet the Hooty Owl. “Oh Hooty Owl, please narrate me some stories for my children have got bored and I don’t know any stories!” , urged Manzandaba. “Hoot-toot-toot-hoot! Go away, there is no time left for me to narrate you a story. It’s time for me to have dinner now!”, said the angry owl. “Why don’t you go to the King Of The Jungle and ask him to tell you a story?” , the owl suggested. She ran to meet the King Of The Jungle. “My dear Manzandaba! I don’t know any stories. I wish I could help you”, said the Lion who is The King Of The Jungle. That night Manzandaba returned to her home, tired and weary. “Mother do you have any stories to tell us?” , asked her curious daughter. “No dear, I searched the entire forest but I couldn’t find any stories to tell you”, replied her mother. “If you don’t tell us any stories, we won’t sleep!”, threatened her daughter. “Yes and neither we will eat!” , warned her son. Manzandaba was worried now. She went to the seashore and cried, “Oh God, help me find some stories for my children as they won’t eat or sleep if I don’t narrate them any story!”, cried Manzandaba. “Why is beautiful Manzandaba shredding her precious tears?”, said a voice. When she looked up, it was the sea turtle. “My children won’t listen to me if I don’t tell them any stories!”, replied Manzandaba. “Well, children need stories, for that’s how they learn about pretty princess, fun fairies, brave kings and wicked giants”, said the sea turtle. “Then tell me such tales!”, asked Manzandaba with her eyes lightning up. “I can take you to a place where stories originate from!”, answered the sea turtle. The sea turtle asked Manzandaba to climb on his back and then he swam towards the seabed. Amidst the fishes and colorful corals, there was a mermaid who had long, golden tresses, sparkling eyes and a lovely blue tail. “Welcome to my land!”, said the mermaid with a warm smile. “Can you tell me some stories?”, asked an anxious Manzandaba. “Sure, but what will I get in return?”, asked the mermaid. “Whatever you want”, replied Manzandaba. “Then bring me a picture of your home and your people!”, replied the mermaid. “But, what will you do with the pictures of my family?”, asked Manzandaba, out of curiosity. “I am a mermaid and I can never go to the dry lands. If you bring me a picture of your family then I can weave a story by looking at it!”, explained the mermaid. Without wasting a second, Manzandaba quickly went to her home and returned with a picture of her family. The mermaid then told her some fascinating tales. In this way Manzandaba learnt some stories every day and narrated them to her kids. This was the origins of stories. Since then, stories became very popular amongst kids, teens and adults.

Grade - 8A
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