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International School in Oshiwara, Andheri (West)

Boards offered : IGCSE - CAIE, IBDP, A Level Programme

CP Goenka International School in Oshiwara is one of the leading international schools in Mumbai holding the key to 21st -century learning parameters along with state of the art infrastructure. Having adopted the coveted and recognized Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, we endeavour to develop a new benchmark in the field of academics and extra-curricular activities as a front runner in India’s education sector. All this has become possible only with the help of our highly trained and dedicated teaching faculty and visionary management that mentor our students throughout their education.

Our strongest attribute that makes us the Best International School in Oshiwara, therefore, remains the teaching faculty who take great efforts to ensure complete clarity and understanding among the students helping them excel in their academics. Mentoring students in connecting theoretical learnings with real-world problems and phenomenon, they instigate understanding, logical reasoning, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills making them sharp individuals.

With all this, CP Goenka International School aims to provide innovative platforms to students where they learn to identify, realise and excel in their innate potential and develop a global identity that is graceful yet competitive and successful. Thereby standing as an authorized IB School in Oshiwara that has a fully air-conditioned campus, digital smart boards in each classroom and a specialized sports and performing arts club just to make students future-ready with the right aesthetics!

Being one of the IGCSE Schools in Oshiwara, Andheri West, we ensure that the curriculums do not remain restricted within the walls of the classrooms but are rather extended to the fields, letting the students learn to collaborate as well as work independently. Bringing in diverse talent and enthusiasm for teaching into every classroom, CP Goenka International School in Oshiwara embraces a vision that follows through institutional commitment. We began with the objective of igniting the imaginations of children and look forward to creating fun and rewarding learning experiences that will last the rest of their learning lives.

In conclusion, transforming children into thinkers, innovators and problem-solvers have always been the ultimate goal of CP Goenka International School for which we grant them an environment that comes with the simultaneous realization of academic, physical, cultural and spiritual aspiration defining them as responsible and conscientious global citizens.

Principal's Message

Preschool in Mumbai

Mrs. Ruchi Hajela


CP Goenka Int'l School - Oshiwara

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the entire team, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the C P Goenka International School Oshiwara family. We’re sure that the academic journey that we’re embarking upon will be one abundant with learnings, activities and joyous laughter.

We realise the importance of a value-laden education in the life of each learner and at C P Goenka International School, we persevere most sincerely in our pursuit of the same. In doing so, we aim to mould our learners into strong, educated and responsible individuals who contribute positively to their local and global community.

As we strive towards the achievement of this vision, we are also banking on the support that you as parents and guardians empower us with. It is paramount that we work in healthy collaboration with each-other and support one another in all, academic and otherwise, endeavours so that our budding learners can benefit generously from the same.

Every morning, we hope to see all our learners ready for the day to come with a bright smile and an eager-to-learn attitude. This will prepare the learners to absorb the teachings and activities of the day with an optimistic approach. Moreover, it’ll make the school day truly enjoyable for them. We also urge you to have conversations with the learners on a daily basis so they feel heard and accountable. We would also like to encourage you to gently nudge the learners when they’re at home to challenge themselves in unexplored avenues and be the best versions of themselves.

This, we strongly believe, coupled with the dynamic events organised at school will allow our learners to grow holistically and find their own unique voice. At school, we ensure that a variety of activities, catering to the talents and interests of all students, are arranged so each learner gets the chance to shine their brightest.

While we focus on academics and other holistic development, we also wish that our students use their time with us, and at home, to pursue things that truly give them joy.

On that note, I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us. I look forward to a positive year, working together to help all learners at CPGIS have a successful year.

Mrs. Ruchi Hajela