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International School in Thane

Boards offered : IGCSE - CAIE, ICSE, A Level Programme

We at CP Goenka International School in Thane aim to impart education with a difference. Providing the perfect blend of ambience, infrastructure, recreational activities and a skilled team of faculty and mentors, we give our students a remarkable experience through our overall development focussed functioning. Our welcoming campus serves as the educational abode for teachers and learners both creating a lively community of incubating education. Dialogue between teachers and students therefore unlike other International Schools in Thane does not just stay within the walls of the classrooms but are rather extended to the halls, arenas, library and cafeteria creating an environment brimming with knowledge.

CP Goenka International School is one of the few IGCSE Schools in Thane providing students with ample opportunities to learn and grow. We respect and cherish curiosity by ensuring a curriculum that gives each student the time, space and opportunity to develop and recognise their own creative and intellectual voices effortlessly. Addressing each enthusiasm for inquiry, we help students build their questions into insights and knowledge by curating an innovative environment of learning and education. Entitled as the Best International School in Thane, we follow a rigorous academic structure and curriculum and work with the motto to groom our students into successful individuals of tomorrow.

Our extended activities, programs and facilities ensure the holistic development of every student adding not just to their percentage but also to their personality making them achievers of tomorrow. Being a CAIE, ICSE and an IGCSE school in Thane, our academics are also blended with sports to ensure complete development of the mind and body of the students. Our artificial FIFA approved football turf and exclusively designed basketball turf stands as one of the most important and fascinating aspects of our campus reviving excitement in every student. Guided by an inspiring team of teachers and mentors, our ICSE School in Thane creates a vibrant community bonded together by the values of respect, kindness, togetherness and a willingness to learn through the perspectives of others.

We aim to inculcate a sense of collaboration and independence among each of our students and it is this emotion that cuts across all others and makes us one of the Top International Schools in Thane. Our students are developed as future-ready individuals always scaling greater heights both academically and holistically with every passing year. It will indeed be soon that they will succeed in creating a global identity for themselves making the Goenka group of schools proud.

We intend to create
  • A learning environment in which all students are responsive to change and receptive to new ideas.
  • An environment, which sustains and improves the quality of teaching and learning programs.
  • A school that recognizes that students, their children and their grand children will be faced with major issues associated with care of the environment.
  • A school with a commitment towards empowering its students with a passion towards becoming life long learners. A school that recognizes the increasing number of mothers in the work force. As these numbers increase and working hours increase parents are unable to cope with their own stress levels in their work places. Our school will recognize this burden and aim to complete most of the school day and extra curricular development within school.
  • CP Goenka International School provides education that is child centered. Parents, Teachers, students cooperate and work together towards the mission of the school.
  • A school which enables its students to gather skills, wisdom and understanding through the "hands on approach"

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Sharmila Madiwale


CP Goenka International School, Thane


‘If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.’ – Maya Angelou

Education is a process, that helps build right attitude towards everything that we come across. Education is not only collection of data and information; that data needs to be processed so as to develop, strengthen and season one’s mind. Strong and matured minds create healthy thought process and as a result, right attitude.

The question still remains…what is data processing? It is nothing but converting the information received in various format; sharing it with others through variety of ways; analyzing it, synthesizing it and ultimately internalizing it so that it becomes a part of our own selves. Drop by drop, bit by bit, it keeps adding to the knowledge one gains and helps shape the young minds holistically.

We, at CP Goenka International School, Thane, ensure that our young minds are trained to process the data received, use it to build strong and healthy minds, and develop the right attitude. The focus is majorly on development of skills apart from handing over mere data. Students are exposed to various competitions at national, international levels; activities are planned keeping in mind the basic concept of Multiple Intelligence thereby creating opportunities for literally all students to participate and making the school a real happy place for all.

The workforce required to help young minds transform the data into knowledge needs to be skilled. The faculty at CPGiS is experienced, trained and above all invested wholeheartedly which keeps students intellectually active. Technology-oriented pedagogy makes the teaching-learning process engaging and enjoyable.

The right attitude of the faculty coupled with the bright and spacious infrastructure, offers apt environment for enabling our students to transform themselves into confident, responsible and righteous global citizens.

We strongly believe that sensitizing these young minds towards environmental, social concerns is solely our responsibility. Hence, they are involved in various community projects like visiting ‘Old Age Homes’, recycling of empty milk packets, spreading social messages through street plays.

Importance of healthy mind and healthy body is imbibed by conducting regular sports activities and meditation sessions.

At CPGiS, we have taken a vow to build a healthy, honest, confident and responsible society that believes in working to build a strong nation and a rational world because we believe,

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ – Nelson Madela