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Coffee with Corona

June 12, 2020

Yesterday, I was drinking a mug of cold coffee in my balcony. My mother had put a large scoop of ice- cream in it, but it still tasted bitter. Not because of the taste but owing to the bitterness in my head because of the current Lockdown. Lockdown 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and now lockdown 4.0. I am bored out of my skin and I just hate this horrible creature known as corona virus, who has brought the world to a standstill. This is the reason that I have lost my freedom to play in the park with my friends. My freedom to play a game of tennis with my coach. My freedom to roam freely and shop in the malls. My freedom to go to school. The reason why businesses have come to a halt and Labourers and daily wagers are suffering and going back home because they do not have a proper shelter above their heads and no proper food to eat.

As I was pondering over it, suddenly a small, weird-looking creature appeared out of thin air. I was shocked and also speechless. Finally, I found my voice, and asked, “Who are you?’’ In his menacing voice, he said, “I am The Corona Virus!’’ After gathering some courage, I asked “Why are you torturing us? What have we done to you?’’ The virus laughed viciously and said, “This is a lesson for all the humans. They are going very fast and do not listen. In doing so, they have forgotten to take care of our Mother Earth. They are polluting the air with fumes from the vehicles, poisoning the rivers with waste from factories and depleting the protective ozone layer. I come as a saviour to reclaim our Mother Earth.’’ After saying so, the virus disappeared.

As I took another sip of coffee, my thoughts wandered to what the virus had just said. Although it did not change my bitterness towards the virus, it certainly made me realise our responsibilities to our planet, Mother Earth.

What do you think?

Navya Gupta
Grade V, CPGIS Pune
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