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Boards offered : IGCSE - CAIE, CBSE Proposed, A Level Programme

Being one of the best international schools in Pune, We at C.P.Goenka International School, aim beyond the academics of the students and work towards developing their futures ahead. As a CBSE School in Pune, our curriculum is not only restricted to sharpening the scholarly skills but rather extends further to ensure overall development of the students making them free, independent and successful thinkers and individuals. Success and excellence therefore is simply a by-product of our academics as our teachings strives to develop the complete mind set and abilities of the students giving them the space and the opportunities to realise, grow and develop a talent of their choice.

CP Goenka International School was created as a journey forward in our aim to fire the imagination of children. The continuing goal is to create fun and rewarding learning experiences that will last children the rest of their learning lives. We are known as the best international school in Pune and our aim is to create a purpose for learning that allow children to be thinkers, innovators and problem solvers. We orchestrate experiences that will result in a natural and integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking.

CP Goenka International School is an institution where education is disseminated with a core objective to create Culturally Developed, Responsible and Conscientious Global Citizens.To ensure growth and development of every student as a global citizen through the simultaneous realization of academic, physical, cultural and spiritual aspiration.

We intend to create
  • A learning environment in which all students are responsive to change and receptive to new ideas.
  • An environment, which sustains and improves the quality of teaching and learning programs.
  • A school that recognizes students, their children and their grand children will be faced with major issues associated with care of the environment.
  • A school with a commitment towards empowering its students with a passion towards becoming life long learners. A school that recognizes the increasing number of mothers in the work force. As these numbers increase and working hours increase parents are unable to cope with their own stress levels in their work places. Our school will recognize this burden and aim to complete most of the school day and extra curricular development within school. The school will also provide a home /study room where supervised “homework or self-study sessions can take place.
  • CP Goenka International School provides education that is child centered. Parents, Teachers, Students co-operate and work together towards the mission of the school.
  • A school which enables its students to gather skills, wisdom and understanding through the "hands on approach".

Principals Message

Preschool in Mumbai
Preschool in Mumbai

Lead us from the unreal to the real, Lead us from darkness to light, Lead us from death to immortality, Aum peace, peace, peace!

Education shows light and takes a person from path of darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge by creating an environment where they identify their core beliefs about teaching and learning which in turn ensures growth and development as a global citizen.

“All children can learn and be successful”

My philosophy of education grows out of this simple and powerful statement. I believe that maintenance and strengthening of quality education is a task even more tedious than its attainment. What is required is an immense burst of idealism and exuberance among our students focusing on their all round development, who must be thoroughly devoted to the task of safeguarding this great honour of ours.

“Quality is inspirational and motivational. It makes you a winner and appreciates the winners”

The future of our society is based upon our ability to change and grow. Our Campus gives equal opportunity to all the students from various cultures. At C P Goenka, we strive for maintaining quality thus achieving excellence by preparing students for learning beyond their school years and assisting them to become lifelong learners. Ultimately, each student will gain from his/her life at school according to the effort they apply and be the winners.

I believe in bringing a community together to share leadership in many different avenues. As per our school ideology effective teachers are effective leaders, and have this same strength-based approach with their students. Our school strives to provide best education and aims at uplifting the spirit of every child and not merely literacy through the best of the teachers.

“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” Quote from Tom Peters

Wishing all a successful life ahead

With Best Compliments,
Rashmi Gupta