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The pandemic: New learning opportunities for the students of IGCSE schools in Mumbai

May 29, 2020

Hope has become the necessity of the hour and with that, the role of art has become central to our current lives. By accepting and adapting to the changing landscape, students across the word have shown great resolve and resilience in coping with a crisis like this by taking this as an opportunity to learn new skills, practice and hone the existing ones and striving to better themselves each day. As one of the best ICSE schools in Thane West and Mumbai, we at CP Goenka International School have been witness to students exploring their artistic side in various ways during the lockdown.

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When students are purposefully coming up with their skills and talents amid the global crisis, we thought of bringing their motivational artwork to the exposure. Keeping in mind the objective of sharing and spreading happiness amongst each other, IGCSE School in Mumbai encourages the students to share their artwork and other skillful execution with the school. This will not only put their talents into the highlight and help reach a certain platform but also foster the minds of the people who are finding it difficult to cope with the circumstances. A productive individual inspires others to keep going on and remain in sync with the happening of the environment. Hence only with art, it becomes possible to stay connected with society and speak to them when the world is under lockdown and social distancing has turned out to be a new normal. That’s the reason why students of CPGIS have buckled up to show their constant efforts and provoke the same amount of energies in others.

Besides the academic trail, there are multiple ways of staying productive during this time. Some of them are:

1. Reading Books

This extended lockdown has rekindled everyone with the love of reading books. This is the time we can read all our favourite authors and series without running out of time. Books we have left half-read as well as books that were on the TBR list it’s time to lose ourselves in the world of words as we continue to stay locked up in our home.

3. Music, Art & Craft

Students can also indulge in and develop their creative sides by learning a musical instrument, learning to paint, draw or even origami.

4. Learning a new language

Learning a new language can be a creative idea. It is almost like learning a new form of culture. Besides, more languages only means a better resume, right?

5. Miscellaneous activities

One can also practice gardening at home, which has been proven to be a therapeutic way of passing time and produces a great positive effect on the mind. Many other activities such as art, craft, painting and photography are the most inexpensive ways to fill the time. This boosts cognition and enhances the ability to adapt things quicker and work under pressure. Now when we are a little less in sync with the exterior world, we can tune in a little more with the musical notes of the most favourite instrument. Then grooving, shaking, and twisting of the leg can happen as you can become a professional dancer too!

CP Goenka International School, one of the best IGCSE School in Mumbai believes that every child is a maestro if exposed to the right form of art and today the time has arrived when the world has turned into a global platform for each one of us to showcase our inner talents. There is nothing greater than a will of humans and students of ICSE Schools in Thane West and other schools across the country will prove the fact with enthusiasm and dignity in their behaviour.

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