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Our Virtual School Offerings:

Structured day

Our structured timetable inculcates a balance of both face to face
and independent learning time with regular breaks.

Spring Buds School Students
Online Classes

Online Classes

  • Led by experienced and well trained teachers
  • Active engagement through fun activities & games
  • Virtual field trips and simulations
  • Collaborative tasks with peers
  • Guest lectures
Balance is
the key
balance is the key
Offline Classes

Offline Classes

  • Easy access to a variety of learning resources
  • Quality feedback by teachers
  • Independent practice work
  • Self-paced learning
Beyond Academics

We continue to facilitate activities in the areas of sports and physical fitness, music
& dance, art & yoga to ensure physical and mental well being of our learners.

Healthy Body
Healthy Body
Healthy Mind
Healthy Mind
Happy Life
Happy Life
Other Key Offerings
Virtual Parent Orientation & Parent Teachers Meetings
Virtual Parent
Orientation & Parent
Teachers Meetings
Easy Access to Counsellors & Teachers
Easy Access to
Counsellors & Teachers

Virtual Learning Skill Development


Our young learners are developing a plethora of skills and becoming emotionally resilient as well as confident.


Safety and Personal Care

Eye Excersises
Eye Exercises
Laptop Ergonomics
Laptop Ergonomics
Get ready for online classes
Get Ready for
Online Classes
Cyber safety Rules
Cyber Safety


Enroll at CP Goenka International School and experience virtual schooling that goes beyond conventional learning practices.

It is our endeavor to ensure that children get same emotional support, care and encouragement they need during this unprecedented time, as we work together to maintain the continuity of learning.

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