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All About IGCSE Cambridge Boards

January 12, 2024


Mumbai is home to a large number of schools, yet each one has a unique curriculum. Curriculum from the CBSE, IGCSE, and other exams will be found in schools.

Shall we discuss the IGCSE? The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is the full name of the program. It is an English language-based exam that was specifically developed by the CAIE.

Hold that thought, though? Here we are with a full-fledged article that unravels what IGCSE boards are.

Let’s dive right in and find out IGCSE is which board!

A Little Something About IGCSE

IGCSE offers young minds an English language curriculum to prepare them for the reputable International Baccalaureate, A-level curricula and BTEC Level 3.

The curriculum is based on the GCE O-level. This particular board is recognised just like the GCSE board and other types of international Curricula.

Moving on, the IGCSE is supposed to be an international alternative to most national curricula.

IGCSE Boards Subjects You Should Know Of

IGCSE Boards have certain subjects and the core ones are: first language, second language, mathematics, 1+ science subjects. And then there are subjects that are categorized in groups: languages, humanities, mathematics, sciences, and creative, technical, and vocational.

Young students may choose extra courses too such as Creative Arts or Social Sciences.

All About IGCSE Syllabus

IGCSE Boards is application-based and fairly practical. Students get an opportunity to select a course as per their interest in the subjects of humanities, mathematics, science, and languages. Students can mix the subjects with other components such as visual arts, fine arts, technical drawing, community service, music, and film-making.

The syllabus emphasizes on boosting analytical skills, critical thinking, problem-solving techniques, investigation, independent research, and team-building.

Since there is a broad spectrum of subjects, it allows young minds to develop their personality along the educational journey.

We’re not done yet!

There are many IGCSE board benefits that we will unravel in the next section.

The Benefits of IGCSE Boards

Parents looking for the best IGCSE board schools in Navi Mumbai should first find out the benefits of signing up for it.

If your child is between 14 to 16, the IGCSE board is the best pick. Since you are from India, you should also know that IGCSE certification is widely accepted by education councils as well as bodies as the student’s readiness for higher studies.

IGCSE is internationally recognised and it is conducted by the CAIE. There are written exams, practical exams, oral assessments, and coursework. The grading happens between A* to G. A* is the highest grade one can get.

IGCSE education is becoming popular across India. And you can find some reputable schools in Mumbai that offer this curriculum.

Before you sign up for them and send your child to the selected school, take a look at the benefits we have jotted down for you:

1. IGCSE has got global recognition:

The IGCSE curriculum is regulated by the famous University of Cambridge, UK. It offers international exposure as well as uniformity of education across the globe.

The curriculum is designed for boosting creative thinking and skill development. It is a recognised qualification and every body and organization considers it reputable.

If your child wants to sign up for international colleges later on, the IGCSE board is recommended. It will definitely increase the overall eligibility factor. Yes, this particular curriculum has global recognition, so we highly recommend it.

2. Specialized and Diverse Curriculum

The IGCSE board offers a variety of subjects to choose from. Students can pick subjects from different categories such as sciences, languages, humanities, social sciences, arts, mathematics, and music. IGCSE can help a child thrive in different subjects. For example, a science student can choose biology, physics, and chemistry. Arts students can choose drama, music, sociology, political science, and so on. This way, a child is given a diverse as well as inclusive curriculum. Everyone has different interests, and IGCSE gives students the freedom to choose the subject of their liking.

3. Boosting Critical and Logical Thinking

Parents want their child to develop certain skills when they go to school. Students benefit from IGCSE programme's problem-solving methodology. Students can later think critically and make educated judgments.

Students come across real-world issues, case studies, and important questions that need problem-solving skills.

4. Make Way For International Colleges and Universities

The IGCSE board offers an engaging as well as comprehensive learning experience for the students. Young minds get prepared for the real world, especially international colleges and universities.

IGCSE has an international reputation. Admission officers prefer students who have studied in IGCSE schools. Since the foundation is set, students can face all the challenges at college or university level.

Since IGCSE has a touch of international perspective in the curriculum, admission officers know that students coming from that background will have the capacity to study in international universities and colleges.

5. Recognised By Employers Across The Globe

We have already talked about the recognition of IGCSE in international universities and colleges, but even employers across the globe value the IGCSE qualification.

IGCSE is a popular pick for most of the Fortune 500 companies. Every parent wants their child to go to a school that not only helps shape the personality but also gives them some extra edge later in life. When your child finishes school and goes to a good University, their chances of being accepted by a reputable employer will be higher.n

6. IGCSE Curriculum Is Learner-Centric

The curriculum is all about keeping the learners in mind. There are different teaching and learning practices that are tailor-made to optimize the way a young mind learns.

We give full points to the IGCSE board simply because it offers a variety of benefits.

Concluding Thoughts

There are too many benefits of signing up for IGCSE board schools in Mumbai.

Why don't you begin your search today? Your child will thrive in an IGCSE school. Also, don't forget to check what all extra-curricular activities are offered at the institution. You want your child to get educated but also embrace their extracurricular interests.

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