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What is IB education ?

The IB continuum of international education is unique because of its academic and personal rigour. While our students excel in their studies we ensure the same with their personal growth. The IB aspires to help schools develop well-rounded students who respond to challenges with optimism and an open mind, are confident in their own identities, make ethical decisions, join with others in celebrating our common humanity and are prepared to apply what they learn in real-world, complex and unpredictable situations. IB is a truly hands on learning experience.

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Advantages and Benefits of IBDP

The Diploma programme prepares students for effective participation in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global society.

1. Gain excellent breadth and depth of knowledge

2. Develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically

3. Study at least two different languages and increase understanding of cultures, including their own

4. Make connections across traditional academic disciplines and explore the nature of knowledge sharing

5. Develop the skills and positive attitude towards 'learning' that will prepare them for higher education. Enhance their personal and interpersonal development through creativity, action and service.

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Recognition of IB for Admissions TO Undegraduate Programmes

The IB Diploma has been recognized by the AIU as an entry qualification to all universities in India since 1983 and renewed in 2010. According to AIU: “The International Baccalaureate Diploma has been equated with +2 stage (Grade 12) qualification of an Indian Board since 1983. Pupils intending to join Indian Universities after completion of their IB qualifications are eligible to pursue Bachelor's degree programme at Indian Universities. Those intending to join Professional Degree programme are required to have studied the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics and English at the qualifying level.” (AIU, Dec, 2010).

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The Teaching Approach

An IB education empowers young people for a lifetime of learning, independently and in collaboration with others. It prepares a community of learners to engage with global challenges through inquiry, action and reaction.

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IB programmes other students access to a broad and balanced range of academic studies and learning experiences. Undivided attention is given to conceptual learning, focusing on powerful organizing ideas that are relevant across subject areas, and help integrate learning thereby adding coherence to the curriculum. Make connections, explore the relationships between academic disciplines, and learn about the world in ways that reach beyond the scope of individual subjects. The focus is on offering students authentic opportunities to connect their learning to the world around them. In the Diploma Programme, the curriculum consists of six subject groups and three core elements.

Activities for Holistic Development

Internships, International Exchange Programmes, IIMUN, Career Counselling, Field Trips & Educational Excursions, Activity Clubs

Career Guidance Program for Students