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Advantages of the Cambridge Curriculum: A Deep Dive into IGCSE Schools in Pune

Do you want your child to have a well-rounded education? The best school curriculum can make a difference in your kids’ future. If you want global recognition for children’s academic achievements, choose a school with an IGCSE curriculum. The stimulating and flexible curriculum enables learners to improve their performance by honing problem-solving and creative thinking skills. It also opens the path to pursue advanced study in the future.

The University of Cambridge International Examinations developed a special curriculum to provide a well-balanced education. It also focuses on developing practical skills in the academic life. Before searching for the IGCSE schools in Pune, you should know about the benefits of the curriculum.

How does a Cambridge board school prepare students for a bright future?

Pune schools under the IGCSE board choose a different approach for teaching students. So, find how they benefit your children and improve their academic performance.

Develop holistic skills- IGCSE schools focus more on developing essential skills like-

  • Communication
  • Research
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking

These are valuable and transferable skills in higher education and the professional world.

Provide a broad education-

As the curriculum includes subjects of different disciplines, your kids will get a comprehensive education. They will gain diverse knowledge, which will help them choose the right career path.

Ensure international recognition-

The academic degrees of your children at IGCSE schools will be globally acceptable to any university and organization. So, your kids can fulfil their dream of pursuing higher study abroad.

Prepare learners for advanced study-

The IGCSE curriculum builds a strong foundation, which is important for further education. Your children will become self-motivated and interested in conducting independent research. They will also receive tools to undergo advanced level programs (like A-levels and IB Diploma).

Help children gain practical knowledge-

The Cambridge board school’s curriculum gives more importance to real-world knowledge. So, your children’s knowledge will not be limited to academic subjects. They will learn something, which is essential in everyday life. They will also be prepared for different challenges in real-life scenarios.

Caters to learners’ own strengths

The IGCSE curriculum allows students to choose and explore subjects in various difficulty levels. It includes Core and Extended curricula for some subjects. As most students prefer only the standard difficulty level, they can select the core subjects. But, the extended curriculum is intended for those who have performed well in core subjects.

IGCSE schools have a unique assessment style

During the IGCSE exams, learners will go through different types of assessments. The main aim is to evaluate their knowledge and skills. The most common assessment methods are-

  • Written tests- In traditional paper-based examinations, children have to attempt questions and accomplish structured tasks. They need to have a solid understanding of every topic of the subject. Written exams measure a student’s analytical skills and knowledge.
  • Regular coursework- Students have to submit coursework and projects regularly to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a creative way. They will do research activities, find relevant data, analyze it, and present their findings.
  • Practical tests- In Technology, Science, and other subjects, practical exams encourage students to do experiments. With lab activities, learners can show their scientific skills and knowledge.
  • Exams for listening and speaking skills- For languages and other subjects, children need to pass listening exams. They have to respond accurately to the spoken materials and audio recordings. Moreover, if your kids have chosen oral subjects, they need to take speaking tests.
  • MCQ papers- Some academic evaluations in IGCSE include Multiple Choice Questions for students. So, learners have to select the correct option to prove their knowledge.

CP Goenka - The best School with an IGCSE curriculum

CP Goenka International School has gained a reputation for providing IGCSE-based education. It is a global-standard school in Pune where learners can learn everything from an international perspective. However, there are other reasons for choosing this school for your kids.

  • Good teacher-student ratio- In CP Goenka and other international schools, every class has a limited number of learners. They maintain a perfect ratio between the teacher and the students. It means a teacher can pay special attention to every student. Moreover, teachers can teach learners based on their adaptability.
  • Availability of resources- CP Goenka ensures that your kids will get access to resources for academic improvement. It will encourage them to enrich their knowledge and perform better in life. Furthermore, they will get an opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities. Your kids may also participate in intra-school and inter-school competitions every year. It helps them develop a sense of teamwork, which is essential in life.
  • Holistic educational framework- CP Goenka has chosen a highly innovative and adaptive approach to educating students. That is why your kids will have well-evolved personalities in the future. Holistic education helps learners achieve academic excellence. However, this educational framework also focuses on universal values and artistic skills. Your children will have some competencies that will make their learning horizons bigger. Thus, for faster career progression, your kids can choose the IGCSE school in Pune.
  • Experiential learning opportunities- The reputed school has chosen experimental approaches that allow students to learn by mistakes. An experiential learning program involves taking data and applying them to practical tasks. Students will become more creative and find new solutions to problems.
  • Soft skills development- As an international-level school, CP Goenka helps students acquire some essential soft skills. Your children will be highly disciplined and gain a sense of independence. They will also become more confident and mature in their academic lives.


In the present interconnected world, it is important to expose your children to an international curriculum. IGCSE-based education allows students to gain intercultural awareness. They will learn to embrace diverse ideas and cultures. The best IGCSE school also gives the opportunity to interact with peers from various backgrounds. If you are looking for Cambridge board schools in Pune, contact CP Goenka International School.

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