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Indian Certificate Of Secondary Examination (ICSE)

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations was founded in 1958 by the Cambridge University Local Examination committee and is controlled by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). It is established under the Societies Registration Act No. XXl of 1980 and is acknowledged by a number of international organisations as equal to a high school exam in other nations.

CP Goenka International School provides the ICSE Board, which, in order to have an impact on the principles of Math and Science, gives identical effect to languages, arts, and humanities, preparing students for admission exams. As an ICSE School in Thane, we strive to provide a rounded, healthy, and comprehensive school experience for our students, and as a top international school, we confirm continuing even beyond textbooks for hands-on practical knowledge to gain a realistic understanding of concepts learned in the classroom. This allows for holistic development while not prohibiting active memorization.

As the best ICSE School in Thane, we place a premium on assigned tasks, investigation, group assignments, and internal assessments, allowing students to demonstrate their abilities in addition to performing well in exams. We make a concerted effort to focus on quality material over quantity ways and assist students to expand their pursuits and build an inquisitive, inquiring, and intellectual attitude to learning. Fundamentally, as an ICSE School in Thane, our greatest mission is to instil confidence in kids, improve their thirst for information, and equip them to sit for Board Exams, allowing holistic development for their enormous worldwide achievement.

Curriculum Structure & Its Objectives

CP Goenka International School is one of the few ICSE Schools in Thane offering pupils several possibilities to educate and thrive. Q2Secondary education is an essential component of everyone's life. As one of the best schools in India, we embrace and love inquisitiveness by providing a Q2secondary education curriculum that allows every child the time, space, and opportunity to build and discover their unique artistic and expressive voices. By designing a unique teaching atmosphere in high school, we help students turn their inquiries into expertise and information, meeting each student's appetite for curiosity. As the Best International School in Thane, we pursue an academically challenging framework and curricular activities, with the goal of grooming our students into successful persons.

Our extracurricular activities, programmes, and amenities guarantee that every student develops not just academically but also personally, preparing them to be tomorrow's leaders. As an ICSE School in Thane, we combine academics with sports to guarantee that kids' minds and bodies are fully developed. Our synthetic FIFA-approved football grass and specially constructed basketball turf are two of the most significant and exciting parts of our campus, igniting the interest of every student. Our ICSE School in Thane, led by an exceptional team of teachers and mentors, fosters a lively group united by the values such as respect, compassion, unity, and a desire to learn from the viewpoints of others.


We seek to instil a spirit of unity and freedom in each of our pupils as the International School in Thane, and it is this feeling that transcends all others and distinguishes us among the best international Schools in Thane. With each consecutive year, our students are moulded as future-ready citizens, reaching higher heights both academically and holistically. They will, undoubtedly, succeed in forging a worldwide reputation for themselves, leaving the Goenka group of schools gratified.