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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Besides just educating kids academically, CP Goenka International School in India strives to prepare the next generation for this diverse world. As one of the top CBSE Schools (Central Board of Secondary Education) in Pune, we are committed to raising responsible individuals who are comprehensive, adaptable, compassionate, and lifetime learners. Thus, as a CBSE Board School in Pune, we deliver a Cambridge international curriculum that goes beyond simply honing academic abilities to assure the students' total growth, resulting in autonomous intellectuals and productive adults at all levels of quality education. Excellence is thus merely a by-product of our central board of secondary academics since we work to assist students in expanding their entire thinking and range of abilities while offering them the freedom and chances to grow the talents of their preference.

IGCSE, IB, and CBSE School of Central Boards are only a few of the board schools that CP Goenka International School provides. The senior secondary stage of a child's schooling is crucial. The boards available at these Cambridge international high schools include IB institutions. As a result, choosing the right senior secondary school for a youngster is a crucial choice. The school's admission procedure is standardised and transparent.


The development of CP Goenka International School in India was a step in the direction of our goal of inspiring children's imaginations. As a CBSE School, we constantly strive to offer high-quality and engaging learning opportunities that kids will remember for the rest of their academic careers. We strive to provide a motive for learning via quality education that enables kids to be philosophers, inventors, and change makers. We are renowned as the Best International School in Pune. We coordinate interactions that not only lead to the organic growth of information but also incorporate skills and thought processes that raise our school level as one of the finest best CBSE Schools in pune. In order to do this, we introduce every learner to the synergistic effects of a skilled instructor and virtual learning throughout the class 12board of secondary education. The BEST IGCSE School in Pune, CPGIS, promotes an intercultural learning atmosphere so that students can adapt to whatever best piques their attention.


As an international school, we offer CBSECambridge international curriculum that imparts knowledge while maintaining indigenous principles and values. We have the most carefully nurtured online realm, starting at the entrance. The unique element that sets them apart from the list of top CBSE schools in Pune is the E-learning component. Each of their classes is fully furnished with integrated multimedia devices, including audiovisuals, tablets, and projector displays. For all central boards, the admission procedure is relatively simple. An emphasis of education at the CP Goenka International School in Pune is to build culturally mature, accountable, and conscientious global citizens. Our sole goal is to introduce kids to information in the most holistic methods possible while simultaneously achieving their educational, athletic, cultural, and spiritual aspirations. For high school secondary education till class 12, the institution provides both the CBSE Board. The majority of IB institutions provide different options for the board of secondary education to its students at all academic levels. Students at all grade levels have access to extracurricular activities at the CP Goenka International School in Pune.

Pune - Wagholi

CP Goenka International School - Pune - Wagholi Behind Hotel Mapple Adhwryou, Gate No. 1347/I, Ubale Nagar, Wagholi, Maharashtra - 412207.