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International General Certificate Of Secondary education (IGCSE)

The Cambridge University Assessment International Examination offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (CAIE). Cambridge International curriculum has global recognition and legitimacy, and it is equal to Grade X in an ICSE/CBSE school. It primarily develops educational-based abilities such as spoken communication, observational skills, decision-making, initiative, and cooperation.

CP Goenka International School offers IGCSE Board to its children in order to provide them with a global perspective while also taking their strengths into consideration through a well-rounded curriculum. As an IGCSE School in Pune, Mumbai, Thane we empower and train students with the skills needed to face academic obstacles and get admission to foreign colleges. We focus on the learner's particular requirements by putting them at the forefront of the journey, with curiosity having a critical role. International Schools in Pune encourage students to research diverse topics and generate questions and insights that will help them better comprehend the world.

Most significantly, all Best IGCSE Schools in Pune offer a student community that is constantly exchanging knowledge and resources over a worldwide network. This concept as a whole raises the bar for learners by combining a dynamic international baccalaureate ib curriculum with reliable evaluations. More engagement at IGCSE School in Pune leads to real ideas, theories, ethics, and values that go beyond textbooks. All of this at IGCSE School in Pune undoubtedly provides all learners with an advantage in terms of the breadth of knowledge and unity in bridging cultural divides.

Curriculum Structure & Its Objectives

Going beyond the academics of its pupils, CP Goenka International School strives to build a better future in a multi-cultural atmosphere. Being on the list of top IGCSE Schools, we are committed to developing comprehensive, resilient, empathic, and eternal learners who are also responsible adults. As a result, as an IGCSE School in Pune, we assure an international baccalaureate ib curriculum that goes beyond honing scholarly abilities to ensure the full growth of the students, making them autonomous intellectuals and accomplished personalities across all educational levels. As a result, excellence is solely an outcome of our secondary school's teaching, which aims to advance the entire attitude and skills of the students by providing them with the freedom and chances to discover and nurture the aptitude of their preference.

CP Goenka International School was founded as a step forward in our goal to ignite children's imaginations. As a secondary school, our ongoing mission is to provide pupils with enjoyable and gratifying educational opportunities that will continue throughout their academic lives. We are renowned as the Best IGCSE School in Pune, and our goal is to give students a reason to learn so that they may be thinkers, inventors, and problem solvers. We synchronise encounters that not only culminate in the organic growth of information but also combine skills and thinking that raise the bar for our school. And to that end, during secondary school, we introduce every learner to the combined influence of an expert instructor and virtual learning. CPGIS, the Best IGCSE School in Pune, believes in fostering a global learning atmosphere where students may adapt to what interests them the most.


The CP Goenka International School in Pune is a place where knowledge is spread with the goal of developing culturally evolved, accountable, and conscious global citizens. Our sole mission is to introduce children to information in the most comprehensive methods possible by simultaneously realising scholastic, athletic, cultural, and spiritual aspirations. CP Goenka International School offers a variety of board schools, including ICSE School, and CBSE School of Central Boards. Secondary education is an essential phase in the education of youngsters. These international schools provide a range of governing bodies, including Cambridge IGCSE school. Choosing the right day school for a child is therefore an important task. The school's admissions procedure is consistent and straightforward.

Because of its multidimensional method of education that fosters virtual learning in the most organized and sophisticated ways, CP Goenka International School has unquestionably established itself as one of the best IGCSE Schools in Pune!