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Preschool in Pune Wagholi

CP Goenka Preschool in Pune aims to provide young children with a meaningful and tender learning experience, ensuring their first interaction with the real world is gentle yet genuine. Regarded as the best preschool in Pune, we strive to provide high-quality education to your minds and ignite their creativity and inquisitiveness.

Our tender way of teaching is complemented with fun and engaging activities and interactive sessions. We boast an adept and experienced faculty mentorship, with special guidance for all children. This extra care is taken to ensure that every child finds their footing in this world from a young age. We leave no stone unturned in providing children with a healthy and nurturing environment that leads them into a successful future that is both personally and professionally fulfilling.

Our Teaching Process

The right preschool education establishes a strong foundation for children in their social, pre-academic, and general life skills, which provides them a leg up in school and beyond. Various studies have, time and again, shown that children who receive preschool education and graduate from preschool have improved academic readiness, higher earnings, etc.

At CP Goenka Preschool in Pune, we understand the significance of this crucial phase for young minds, and hence go the extra mile to ensure holistic development of a child. Our teaching methods are designed in a way that children learn and retain information. By mixing inventiveness with fun and practical activities, and incorporating smart tools and infrastructure aids, we make sure that learning is something that children fall in love with.

Classroom Organization

Our preschool classes are organized in a way that the tiny tots feel at peace and are least distracted. Preschoolers can be mischievous with a wandering mind. But, that is absolutely normal and something that should not be condemned. Instead, we should strive to create a classroom that calms down the chaotic mind of a child and helps them focus.

Daily Routine

We make sure that the daily routine of your preschoolers is designed to develop curiosity and sharpen their social skills. Our expert faculty is able to provide a solid and robust foundation for a child’s future education by employing new-age teaching strategies that are backed by studies and proven to be effective.

Short Break Activities

Fun and learn are two sides of the same coin. A childhood that focuses only on learning without play takes away too much from a child, and hinders their cognitive and social development. So, at CP Goenka Preschool, we create an environment wherein learning and playing are balanced. We provide our tiny tots with small, fun breaks throughout the day and also plan activities, such as singing, movements, quick games, etc, during these breaks. These short break activities add freshness to the routines of children, while giving them a chance to rest and feel ready to learn again.

Safe and Secure Environment

We are the best preschool in Wagholi for a reason. Our school is a safe haven for children. Our team relentlessly strives to create a safe space for children. The goal of CP Goenka Preschool is to provide a safe environment for kids where they can focus on becoming their most independent and socially-competent selves.

Virtual Lessons, and Latest Teaching Styles

At CP Goenka Preschool, we believe in embracing the future and being ahead of the curve, and this reflects in our teaching style too. Of course, conventional classroom teaching is important and is an integral part of our curriculum. But, we ensure to incorporate new-age styles into our teaching strategies. From smart classrooms to virtual lessons, and more, our schedules stand out.

Comfortable Classes

Our classrooms are designed to help children feel comfortable and at ease throughout. So, we have planned our seating to be incredibly comfortable and conducive to the presence and thought processes of preschoolers.

Science Experiments

Learning without the real-world touch is not true learning. At CP Goenka Preschool in Pune, we encourage experiments and practical activities so that children get a tangible experience of what is taught in books. Our instructors encourage children to think and engage in experiments as much as possible.

The Learning Process

The learning mechanism at the CP Goenka Preschool is a concoction of several things, such as -

  • Traditional classroom learning
  • Library
  • Music studio
  • Dance studio
  • Computer labs
  • Outdoor play area
  • Indoor play area and more
Fun Activities

We organize fun activities and celebrate special occasions throughout the school year. From conducting competitions, such as Math Day to celebrating International Yoga Day, our staff leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the tiny tots have an enriching experience at school. These activities and special days encourage socialization, critical thinking, and fosters cognitive skills. Besides, they also break the monotony.

About Indoor Game Areas

The CP Goenka Preschool in Pune boasts an array of indoor activities and games. These indoor games not only ensure the mental and cognitive development of children but also stimulates their overall physical, critical, creative and analytical skills. Our indoor games include badminton, carom, table tennis, checkers, mind games, etc. These ensure that the children are engaged and active throughout the day.

About Outdoor Play Areas

Our pre primary curriculum ensures that students are actively engaged in physical activities, and do not lose sight of how important physical well-being is. Children are provided with ample time to enjoy outdoor games, such as cricket, football, basketball, etc. Besides, we have yoga sessions, aerobics, and other physical education activities for the holistic growth and development of young minds.

Provide Your Child the preschooling they Deserve

Your search for the best preschool near me ends now. We are a holistic preschool in Wagholi that is trying to revolutionize the learning process for young minds and streamlining everything. With an amazing faculty, top-notch infrastructure, and a future-oriented mindset, we are all ready to take preschooler learning to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your child with us today.