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Pune - Wagholi

CBSE School in Pune
Pune - Wagholi

CP Goenka International School - Pune - Wagholi Behind
Hotel Mapple Adhwryou, Gate No. 1347/I, Ubale Nagar,
Wagholi. Maharashtra 412207


Boards offered : IGCSE - CAIE, CBSE Proposed, A Level Programme

Being one of the best international schools in Pune, We at C.P.Goenka International School, aim beyond the academics of the students and work towards developing their futures ahead. As a CBSE School in Pune, our curriculum is not only restricted to sharpening the scholarly skills but rather extends further to ensure overall development of the students making them free, independent and successful thinkers and individuals. Success and excellence therefore is simply a by-product of our academics as our teachings strives to develop the complete mind set and abilities of the students giving them the space and the opportunities to realise, grow and develop a talent of their choice.


Based on a strong academic root and philosophy, our curriculum is what that makes us the top international school in Pune. Relying on modern independent school education, at CPGIS, Wagholi, Pune, we built scholarly excellence maintained and nurtured by a caring tutorial and pastor system along with the inclusions of a wide range of extra-curriculum activities and programs.

Affiliated with Cambridge, the best international qualification for learners between the age of 14 and 16 years, CPGIS, Wagholi offers a flexible curriculum and learning route for students to sharpen each of their potentials.

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We help our students to develop understanding, knowledge and skills in:
  • Subject content
  • Responsiveness and flexibility to change
  • Intellectual inquiry
  • Cultural awareness
  • Applying the understanding and knowledge to unfamiliar situations
  • Influencing outcomes

AT CPGIS, we ensure that our curriculum perfectly integrates academics with co-curricular activities providing a balanced education to each of our students. We encourage our students to develop their unique individual skills and talents and help them collaborate with each other in order to yield enhanced outcomes. It is this individualised and focussed attention given to each student that makes us the best among others. If you are looking for the best CBSE schools in Pune or the best IGCSE schools in Pune in the Kharadi, Wagholi, Kalyani Nagar area, then C.P.Goenka International School is indeed your only option with education that surpasses quality.

Co-curricular activities include:
  • Contemporary dance
  • Chess
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Skating
  • Martial arts
  • Basket ball
  • Speech and drama