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Young minds and stress: keeping anxiety at bay with fun learning experiences and mentorship

July 23, 2020

While, as adults we are often capable of coping with our anxiety and fears on our own, the bigger challenge stands for our kids who often seem to find themselves helpless in such situations. With education moving to a digital platform and several schools adapting to an e-learning approach, it has become all the more difficult for children now to adopt to these lifestyle changes. With little or minimal interactions with their friends, no scope for socialising and play opportunities and even with the heavy burden of learning through a virtual screen, kids nowadays are slowly slipping into deeper anxieties and stress affecting their mental and even physical well- being.

As one of the leading IGCSE School in Mumbai and Pune, we, at C P Goenka international school understand these concerns of our students and have therefore put our best foot forward when it comes to the education and the mental well-being of our students during the lockdown. With our specially designed and personalised virtual network of learning, we ensure that our students get all the personal attention that they need throughout their learning sessions. Our interactive platform runs through all the IGCSE Schools in Pune and Mumbai and ensures that students engage not only with their teachers but also with their fellow classmates. We believe in such situations, our students not only need academic support from their teachers but also personalised mentorship that helps them stay happy and delightful throughout these difficult times. Our teachers are empowered to help each of our students through their virtual learnings with their subjects while also being a friend to them by engaging them in playful conversations and insightful discussions.

In addition to this, as one of the best IGCSE School in Mumbai and CBSE and IGCSE School in Pune, we are driven with a vision to develop our students as holistic individuals of tomorrow with a healthy mind set. Our e-learning platform are equipped with frequent assessments, competitive quizzes and even playful activities that enable them to involve in learning experiences beyond their classroom timings and even engage and compete with their fellow classmates keeping them motivated and enthusiastic.

Listed below are some tips shared by our teachers for parents to help children cope with anxiety and stress at home:

1. Provide an open and safe space for children to communicate negative emotions to you without the fear of being judged or scolded.

2. Do not neglect your child’s stress response, instead, help them cope with it by channelizing their energies in a creative way.

3.Supervise the content they consume on social media as well as OTT platforms. Some of the content available can have a disturbing effect on the child’s psyche.

4. Practice some form of physical exercise or play with your children to help them release pent up energy. Although the lockdown restricts your ability to go outdoors, find mediums that work indoors too like dancing or yoga.

No matter how difficult the times could be, C P Goenka international school believes in careful attention to our students. It is with these perspectives and nurturing attitude in our minds, our staff at C P Goenka international school are driven to bring to our students the best of experiences even during the lockdown. Thereby, shape their minds into effective learners of today and encouraged global individuals of tomorrow.

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