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Why ICSE Schools in Thane West Are Promoting Effective Communication

April 07, 2020

When technology was introduced in the society, the aim was to reduce distance between people and bring them closer by means of providing various mediums to communicate. Letters became emails, public phones became private landline which eventually became handheld devices, computers became laptops and professional cameras became phone cameras. Slowly and gradually, technology penetrated every aspect of our daily lives and communication. While this was still doing us some good, the advent of internet, social media and multiple forms of media disrupted the way we communicate.

Need of the Hour: Raising Global Citizens at Top International Schools Mumbai

The coming generations are victim to the changing landscape of interpersonal communication and relations. The essence of ‘talking it out’ is now lost on us because we have learnt to ignore the conflict, make it public by resorting to social media and seeking validation from the number of likes, comments and shares on our public display of emotions. If that isn’t enough, the multiple platforms of ‘staying connected’ really leaves us exposed to unwanted messages and miscommunication.

Communicating with each other is an art and sadly, not many people know of it anymore. Now more than ever, it is important for us to teach our students the importance of effective communication. It thus becomes the responsibility of educational institutions like International schools across the country to impart the necessary skills and lessons to students for making effective communication a firm practice. ICSE schools in Thane West have shifted the focus on inculcating this habit by introducing various programs and activities that require and promote communication. CP Goenka International School, which is one of the best IGCSE and ICSE schools in Thane and other part of Mumbai, students are raised to be global citizens. In order to be a global citizen contributing to the higher good for mankind, it is important that they learn to convey their thoughts clearly, politely and firmly.

In the years to come, communication is going to be a vital tool for survival – from averting wars and seeking refuge, to build stronger communities and tighter social ties, effective communication will be one of the crucial skills to sustain and succeed. Keeping in mind the growing need to raise globally aware citizens, it is important for educational institutions like ICSE & IGCSE schools to inculcate interpersonal and life skills to facilitate the same. It is only when the coming generations will learn to communicate thoughts, ideas and beliefs effectively, that we will be able to maintain peace and work towards the greater good of mankind.

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