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Tips for Students to Adapt to Virtual Learning Practices as Best International Schools in Mumbai Prepare to Welcome the New Academic Year

June 19, 2020

By now, a lot has been said and discussed about how 2020 is clearly not turning out to be the year everyone expected it to be. So instead of mulling over the disappointment and wave of bad news that the year has brough so far, it is time we accept the harsh reality and focus on adapting to the ‘new normal’. Best international schools in Mumbai and across the country quickly adapted to the changing times and introduced virtual learning practices for its students. Since it seems unlikely for educational institutions getting the green light for opening up again in the near future, it is imperative for students of the best international school in Juhu to adapt to the new-age learning process.

Tips for Students to Adapt to Virtual Learning Practices as Best International Schools in Mumbai Prepare to Welcome the New Academic Year

Keeping in mind that best international schools in Mumbai are adopting e-learning, here are some tips for students to adapt to it and continue the learning process without hindrance:

1. Prepare for the class

So far, we were unaware about how long the lockdown would continue and with it, how long we’d have to conduct virtual classes. But now that it is here to stay, it is time that students prepare for class just as they would for school. Wearing clothes that are appropriate for class instead of the comfortable pyjamas is a good way to start. This helps prepare the mind for the task at hand instead of taking it as a passive activity.

Students must also read through the course material and teachers’ notes to prepare themselves for the class. This will help interact with peers as well as teachers during class.

2. Designated study space

It doesn’t have to be an actual study table or room, but students must have a designated study space in their home. It is also important that the Wi-Fi network be strong in this area to avoid network troubles during class. Setting aside a space for studying helps create mental classroom for the students at home.

Make sure to have all your essentials like textbooks, notebooks, and stationery in place before class to avoid getting hassled in the middle of the lecture.

3. Tune out the distractions

Turn off the video to reduce network disruption and mute your audio unless you want to ask or answer to something. Also tune out external distractions such as noise around the house, outside the window, etc. Make sure your family members are aware of your class schedules to avoid getting interrupted during class. Keep your phones away and refrain from using it while the lecture is on. Students must follow all rules much the same way as they would in a classroom.

As one of the best international schools in Juhu, we are dedicated to giving our students the best virtual learning facilities to ensure their learning doesn’t stop. At the same time, it falls upon the students to be committed to learning despite the dire circumstances in order to become global citizens of change.

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