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Technology's Impact On Children, Good And Bad!

November 14, 2022

Imagine living without access to smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, or laptops. In the twenty-first century, it must be terrifying. In the age of the tech revolution, gadgets are a part of every aspect of our life and are essential. Our lives now inevitably involve technology.

How will our coming generations cope with technology if we, the elders, are so swamped by it? Certainly, they'll emulate our actions. Each coin has two sides, and technology's impact on kids is no different. Is this influence gradually affecting your child's behaviour? Be mindful of the advantages and disadvantages mentioned by CP Goenka International School in Pune.


Creative liberty

Technology has become so accessible that tech wizards have developed a number of apps. These advances are used to engage children in online dance lessons, intellectual games, and virtual painting. By using the internet at any time and anyplace, they are learning more than what is taught in class.

Critical analysis

Technology has made it possible for kids to evaluate ideas from the ground up. They think about the value they can derive from it before solving any issue, no matter how small, like installing an app. If it's a gaming app, they must first have a deep understanding of the game. They have analytical thinking as well as highly clear decision-making. They do not bother to delete a game if they do not enjoy playing it.As a result, children's thought patterns and viewpoints reflect the impact of technology on their brains.

A sense of empowerment

According to a survey, there have been millions of businesses created in the last five years, and 45% of them have reached the pinnacle of success. Technology has also contributed to this. The future of the earth and of children's professions are in their hands. Their newfound freedom brought forth by technology is giving them a sense of leadership.


Increased obesity

We don't need to exert much manual labour because technology has made living simpler. The same thing occurs with our kids. You cannot deny that these devices are highly addicting, despite the fact that they have many advantages. Children become so engrossed in these devices that they lose interest in performing even the most basic physical exercises. That results in obesity. The most detrimental effect of technology on children's health is this.

Short attention span

There is an extensive study being done all over the world on the shocking decline in attention spans. Adults are becoming increasingly agitated, and content can only hold their attention for three seconds at a time. Now consider the youngsters. Parental supervision is so crucial when it comes to kids using technology. It catches hold of their careless use of technology.

Children's exposure to technology has a significant and enduring impact. In order to help the little champions grow up in the correct way, parents should be there, according to our CBSE School in Pune. It will protect them from adverse effects and solely highlight the advantages of technology.

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