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Rule around these parameters for embracing technology positively in your kid’s life.

June 22, 2021

In today’s world, everyone is dependent on technology. Whether adults or children, both are stuck to their phones twenty-four by seven. However, especially in the pandemic, usage of electronic mediums have gone out of control as everything has turned out to be digital. And this addiction has majorly impacted all the young minds who are constantly viewing screens for online learning, extra-curricular activities or playing games just to get rid of boredom amidst lockdown. They are not only constantly living in the virtual world but are also growing apart from human connection.

But, are we as parents realizing how this excessive usage of technology can significantly impact children’s health, both physically and mentally? Therefore the Best International Schools In Pune have taken this initiative to help parents teach their children about how to use technology in a healthy way. Knowing that there are several problems that overuse of digital media brings along such as declining academic performance, behavioural issues, sleep disorder, obesity etc., CPGIS shares a few rules that parents can set up regarding children using technology;

Maintain a balance

Life can go off track often if there is no balance to maintain. Thus allotting a certain time for technological usage with other daily activities is really important. Make sure that your kid’s life doesn’t revolve around gadgets, instead dedicate a particular time of the day where kids can freely use smartphones or watch a show on TV, so they’re able to spend pure and more time with the family.

Allow no device in the bedroom

Technological devices can hinder the sleep hours of children and waste a lot of their quality time. Hence make this policy a thumb rule. Prohibit anything electronic during the sleeping hours and ensure that the bedtime space doesn’t get affected once the child has entered the room. It’s proven that keeping away screen lights for three hours before sleep can make it a very peaceful and relaxing one.

Develop stress management skills

Guiding children to replenish their energy levels in a healthy way can be really positive. Children consume themselves in so much technological exposure that at the end of the day they’re only left with stress and anxiety in this social world. Influencing children towards some creative ways like painting or indoor games like chess can really engage and motivate them.

Educate on the topic

Technology and children work hand-in-hand. This is the reason why negotiating with the child about the pros and cons of exaggerated online media usage is essential. It will not only help them become aware but also evaluate their limits before it crosses the danger. It is one of the best methods of setting boundaries when it comes to children using technologies.

Encourage physical activity

While the world is suffering from the pandemic, the most crucial lesson that all of us has learnt is to take care of our health. No matter how much are kids indulged in electronic media, affirmation for great health can still make them come back to a healthy lifestyle. Ask them to do exercises and yogasanas for staying active physically and mentally. Join them and spend some precious time together as a family.

Highlight boundaries

Along with the right management make sure to analyse their activities related to technology on a daily basis. It might only be useful in paying attention to a child’s growth but also monitoring their functionality in their vital developmental stage. It will surely teach them how to use technology in a healthy way and grow up in a balanced environment.

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Although technology has some serious disadvantages, using it as a whole isn’t bad. It’s one of those paramount resources for children that help them connect with the rest of the world as global citizens. Undertaking the advancements of ever-changing technology in all of our lives, it is vital to mentor kids on how to navigate it responsibly. Hence A Level Schools In Mumbai usher parents to mark some boundaries rather than presenting interest as a destructive tool to the youth.

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