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Mastering the Art of Robotics and Intelligence with STEM Learning at the Best International School in Mumbai

July 22, 2020

Driven by a vision of developing ‘Personality over Percentage’, along with the support of a technologically advanced digital educational ecosystem, we at C.P Goenka as one of the best international school in Mumbai bring to our students academics and extra curriculum activities of the highest orders.

Intelligence with STEM Learning at the Best International School in Mumbai

Being a front runner of most international schools in Andheri west, we have curated a niche for ourselves and our students with education that prepares them as the global citizens of tomorrow. From digital e- learning classes to holistic CBSE and IGCSE curriculum, our academic structure helps our students’ become future ready with skills and knowledge that can drive their passions and careers right from their primary education. It is with such values and focussed attention towards your child’s development that we, at, C. P Goenka bring to our students Robotics and artificial intelligence courses through a STEAM learning approach.

Keeping up with the times and putting your child’s overall development at the fore, the C.P Goenka International school in Mumbai brings to its students an academic program and curriculum that not only hones a child’s academics and theoretical understanding but also takes the leap forward to a more practical and critical approach; letting the students explore their creativity, hobbies, passion and curiosities along with their academics. The school’s student centric academic program not only provides the perfect balance of ‘work’ and ‘play’ but also ensures holistic development of the students with the help of its uniquely designed instructional programmes entailing humanistic values, sports ,performing and creative arts. Adopted from international educational institutions such as Cambridge University and Harvard, our STEAM learning approach brings to our students courses that help them discover their passion and interests beyond the mainstream education. Our academic structure is designed in a way that gives equal weightage to extra-curricular learnings and academics thereby ensuring the holistic development of our students. Courses such as artistic and design learning, robotics, coding, artificial intelligence excellence and even sports oriented and musical learnings are added to the curriculum of every standard thereby keeping the perfect balance between academics and practical skills.

Although, the lockdown has brought a stop to students’ physical and extra-curricular activities, our unique e- learning platform ensures that your kids’ education and skill development does not come to a standstill. Apart from virtual classes, the platform also provides students with skill based and practical learning courses that enhances their overall proficiency while also keeping them engaged at home during quarantine. Help your kids master the skills of robotics or make them a wiz of coding or activate your genius’ design thinking capabilities or even simply make them a maestro of music, with C P Goenka’s bouquet of skill based learnings, your kid is sure to develop a dynamic personality right from the comforts of your home.

With such focussed attention to a child’s development and growth, we, at C.P.Goenka international school, ensure that our students becomes the best amongst the globe and represent not just the school but the country at a global level. Our detailed and customised efforts for each students coupled with our vision of personality over percentage ensures that we remain not only the best international school in Mumbai but also the best international school in the country.

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