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Pro Tips on How to Improvise English Speaking Skills in Kids by International Schools in Andheri West

January 21, 2021

English is a global language and the most common medium to communicate. Thus every parent feels essential to develop English speaking skills in the child’s early years of education. Though today technology has made it simpler to learn multiple language skills at a time, Best International School In Mumbai emphasizes on parents to spend a considerable amount of time with the child to teach required language skills.

International Schools in Andheri West

Knowing that initial years are crucial to learning a language as the chances of achieving excellence in the language is high, CP Goenka International Schools In Andheri West shares a few ways in which you can improve your child’s English speaking skills.

Make Reading A Habit

The only way to inculcate a reading habit in your child is by buying books of his interests. It can be fictional or even a motivational story with a great lesson. Newspapers and magazines are also a great choice to update them with current affairs and at the same time, build a strong vocabulary. This process can be fun as you and your child, turn by turn, can read aloud to each other. Here you can assess their tonality, pronunciations, and grammar arrangements thoroughly.

Watch Learnable Content

No denying that we all park ourselves in front of the TV and binge watch shows and movies of different genres. As they play a pivotal role in entertaining us, one can also use this medium to develop language skills. You can make kids watch certain English shows that can help them learn new words and build vocabulary. Apart from this, the negotiation in English sentences in these shows can improve the child’s receptive power and understanding towards language more.

Build Language Rich Environment

Children spend maximum time at home, and hence a lot of conversation takes place. However, when you start communicating in English, there are chances that your child will try his best to respond in simple English sentences, make mistakes and repeat them. So it becomes your responsibility to correct them without making them feel upset. Motivating them to try harder and speak again will bring significant developments in the days to come.

Maintain English Diary

Children love to spill out their creativity in some or the other way. And so you can utilize this strength by helping them maintain a diary where they write down their thoughts open-heartedly. You can give them a couple of topics or ask them to write a short story or a poem using imagination power. It will improve English speaking skills as well as the writing skills in your child. And gradually, they will make fewer mistakes and more sense.

Play Word Games

An entertaining and engaging method to expose the child to new and unique words is via word games. This process is quite intense and stimulation which boosts the words related knowledge. As linguistic skills are vital even for the career, the more you play it with your kid, the better your kid will be in high-quality and complex words. Making it a part of daily routine can help your child achieve fluency in English.

Kids can quickly pick up the language and learn it effectively only when there is consistency in practice with the right tips and approach. Thus, the Best International School In Mumbai insists every parent to follow the above pattern and polish the English speaking skills effectively in their loved ones.

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