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Learn about extracurricular activities and their significance in the lives of learners!

July 18, 2022

IGCSE Schools in Pune believe that extracurricular activities are an excellent method for learners to comprehend their surroundings. It is critical that youngsters find a way to channel their surplus power and inquisitiveness so that they may develop into healthy, well-rounded individuals with a diverse variety of information and experiences. Extracurricular activities, therefore, educate youngsters on how to be sociable in a variety of contexts, which will benefit them later in life when they pursue careers.

Why are extracurricular activities essential for school-going children?

  • Extracurricular activities assist youngsters in developing social skills and working effectively as part of a team to accomplish a common objective.
  • These activities let your teen discover different interests, gain self-confidence, develop leadership abilities, and even boost academics while also enjoying life!
  • School extracurricular activities provide life skills that are not always imparted at school or at home, including how to endure defeat even when one believes they deserve to win.
  • School-based extracurricular activities give a unique opportunity for children to understand cooperation, establish strong communication skills, and experience what it's like to perform in front of an ensemble.
  • Time management skills are a major lesson in life that extracurricular activities will impact!
  • Such activities during school educate your kids on how to function together rather than bullying others. This is a vital ability to have these days, when just being in school may be difficult due to the competitive nature!
  • There are more diversions than ever before in today's environment! And many parents want to give their children a break from screen time but don't know which way is up. Extracurricular activities are one such chance to offer a unique environment for learning and progress that cannot be reproduced elsewhere.
  • Studying for lengthy periods of time will annoy the youngster and will not be useful. Extracurricular activities at school might provide a respite from academics. Extracurricular activities can serve as additional study hours as well as a possibility for youngsters to learn different topics.
  • Extra-curricular Activities are a terrific method for children to gain more knowledge outside of the classroom, but they also allow them to meet individuals that they would not meet in their regular lives at home and at school. It is vital for us as parents (or educators) not only because it gives another arena for our children, but also because we want them to grow up with various interactions so they do not feel alienated from others.
  • CP Goenka International School in Pune emphasizes that it is critical to support your child's extracurricular activities. Even if kids don't like them initially, you should encourage them and tell them how talented they are. Urge youngsters to pursue their hobbies so that when it comes time for a degree or a profession, they will know which career path best meets their requirements due to exposure they’ve had throughout the years.

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