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Know how to make your child an independent adult with CBSE Schools in Pune

September 10, 2021

The true meaning of independence is acceptance. The acceptance of the authentic self with complete awareness and no fear as it allows you to decide what is best for you as an individual. This is exactly what we need to nurture in our children. We need to help them grow not only as independent thinkers but doers who have a sense of autonomy.

Although budding learners take time to grasp the concept of responsibility at an early stage, the right guidance and direction will surely help them discover their independence and fulfil the demands of adulthood. Hence, International Schools in Pune shares a few tips below on how to guide your children to embrace independence.

Encouraging structured lifestyle

Following a structure is essential to living a disciplined life. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce your child to a structured routine to grant them a controlled environment. Allocating a specific time to every activity will not only help them accomplish a set of goals but also let them practice living in a structured routine. To discipline their day.

Letting them decide on their own

One of the benefits that you can give your child is allowing them to choose how they would like to spend their day. Ask them whether they would like to play first or complete their assignment, or which veggies would they prefer for their lunch. Determining the day by selves and meeting the assigned task, will not only be fun for them but encourage them to follow the schedule.

Prepare them for results

It is vital to make children self-reliant, so they know to handle consequences based on their actions. It doesn’t mean you will stop giving them suggestions but you must not intervene when they are making a mistake. This will not only help them be conscious of their outcomes but also imbibe problem-solving skills in them. Ask them questions that push them towards finding a solution. It’s the best way for them to seek guidance and learn.

Make them responsible for each step

Giving children a sense of responsibility comes with giving them responsibilities. So, assign them duties of their selection. Any age-appropriate activity like gardening or home-cleaning and cooking will not only teach them to be patient while achieving results but also make them life-long learners. Boosting their confidence to another level will also prepare them to take ownership of the choices they have made.

Acknowledging their effort

Applauding children for their efforts is a part of intense growth. Your positive feedback plays a crucial role in their motivation and that is how they complete tasks and continue putting efforts into work. Remember that your word of praise can strengthen the child’s belief in the right direction, which will result in actions later.

To build a child into an individual who is independent, confident and responsible parents must ensure an environment where they practice what they preach. CBSE Schools in Pune believes that children are a reflection of their parents and thus, to make them proactive adults, parents must address the right behaviour.

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