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Know how to make children’s binge eating habits healthier

October 19, 2020

Humans are made to experience a full range of emotions. Especially in recent times, there has been too much going around that mankind is witnessing. Adhering to the fact that children have experienced a complete shuffle in their lives, a lot is to be scheduled and understood by parents and family at home. Knowing that this long time pandemic has instilled a semi-vacation mood in all of us, a lot of problems exactly begins from here.

Amongst all the updates that have taken place in our lives, binge-eating is a whole new concept that has commenced. It’s a common issue. Be it a child or an adult, people tend to eat when they’re bored and precisely when the kitchen’s cabinet is stocked-up and just a leap away. But it is quite necessary to navigate these habits and work on it actively. As the global pandemic has made us rethink about our health and immune system, eating habits need to be altered in the right way to cope from overeating.

As everyone is under the house arrest, including the young minds who love to wander and explore, parents should focus on teaching them about ‘Dealing with the Feeling’. Here are some tips by the Top International Schools in Mumbai on how to take care of children and give them a balanced lifestyle.

1. Disciplinary Rules

Kids can get easily bored and feel lazy if restricted to take charge of the space with some physical activity. Thus setting a standard routine for them is a must. It is necessary because if they do not know how things are going to fall their way, they might end up doing the wrong things. Hence parents must specify time slots for different things such as meals, exercise, studies, etc., so they know what in on their plate for the day.

2. Healthy Cooking Together

Involving your children in home-related activities can be positive for their mental health. And when it comes to cooking together, you don’t only treat them with some delicious food but also educate them about the health benefits driven from cooked vegetables, cereals, eggs, and many more. While you make them learn about nutrition, you also get a chance to teach them an important life skill which is otherwise not possible amidst their jam-packed schedule.

3. Storing Healthy Food

Eating healthy always contribute to making life better and longer. There are multiple healthy food items that you can buy and store. Nuts, Seeds, Makhanas, baked product instead of fried ones, and food that includes fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other immune-supporting compounds can be original healthy options. It will deliver the required nutrients to the body and shield the immunity effectively.

CP Goenka International School in Juhu knows how caring and worried do the parents remain when it comes to their beloved ones and, thus, we insist parents make their children practice the right habits intuitively.

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