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IGCSE Schools in Mumbai Adopt Virtual Learning to Keep Up with the Students’ Academic Progress

April 24, 2020

In times when our children cannot come to school, we bring the school to our children. CP Goenka International School, one of the best IGCSE schools in Mumbai, through technology enabled online learning initiative, has set up virtual classrooms that can be accessed in the safety of one’s home and have become an instant hit with children as well as parents.

IGCSE Schools in Mumbai Adopt Virtual Learning to Keep Up with the Students’ Academic Progress

The processes by which learners learn and lecturers teach is a unit as dynamic as ever-changing seasons. Throughout time, education researchers have developed new strategies for the tutorial method, however, none are quite as revolutionary or as disputable as e-learning. Also known as Virtual Education, it refers to a type of distance learning during which course content is delivered by numerous net strategies like course management applications, multimedia system resources and video conferencing. These technologies have become a bridge between students and instructors to communicate. In order to stay on track with its students’ academic progress CP Goenka Group of schools has seamlessly integrated virtual learning in its curriculum during this lockdown by hosting classes and Q&A sessions on the platform ‘Zoom’. Class coordinators actively involved in facilitating these sessions which are quickly becoming a routine of its own for both teachers and students.

Online learning helps impart and hone the digital learning skills by distinct aspects such as online homework and assignments, video presentations, practical sessions, collaborative activity and much more. This enables the productivity of a student ten times and brings a sense of time management between their inter-personal skills and syllabus that creates a huge impact on the creative quotient of minds. CP Goenka International School has always aimed to raise each pupil to become a future leader with the ability to expand globally and culturally. By taking ahead the same thought in our ICSE schools in Thane west, the teachers have also been coming up with innovative ways to impart education in light of the current national crisis. Apart from the set curriculum and assignments, the teachers have gone the extra mile to devise fun activities to boost the students’ morale and keep them engaged. The teachers have been regularly seeking feedback from parents about the impact of these classes and their satisfaction with the measures taken by the school only egg us further to do better and strive harder.

From method learning to practical interactions, classrooms have transformed from being traditional to virtual. Learning has become versatile in the form of adaptation to a different source of knowledge. Barriers between teaching and learning have gradually vanished as virtual learning has efficiently managed to bring the students and teachers in sync by collaboration. Moreover, virtual lectures can be recorded for revision without any interruption which builds strong communication between a tutor and a student.

Although the nationwide lockdown has been a bummer not just in India but across the world, it has become a catalyst for change. It has forced IGCSE schools in Mumbai and across the country to adapt to the critical situation in a way that doesn’t hinder the students’ learning process. Besides, virtual learning through Zoom also helps the students see the light a the end of the tunnel because they get to see their friends online, if not in person. Knowing that we’re all in this together, working towards coping and adapting brings a sense of belonging and builds resilience.

Innovative efforts like these by ICSE school in Thane west and across the country to bring in fresher and enthusiastic ways of learning tools is sure to go a long way in revolutionising the educational system. As we continue to battle COVID-19 and await the time we can all go back to school and to our lives, the success of virtual learning by motivated teachers, enthusiastic learners and happy parents only show us ”Come what may, teaching and learning won’t stop!”

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