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Holistic Development Education Programmes at Best International Schools in Pune

March 23, 2020

With rapid changes being observed in national and global economy, global environment, political landscape and cultural revamping, there has been an increasing need for creating awareness and imparting practical knowledge to the coming generations in order to cope with the changes. A major share of this responsibility is shouldered by the educational institutions across the country, which are now taking proactive initiatives to better the curriculum, adopt newer approaches to learning and evolving to advanced use of technology in the learning process. Best international schools in Pune, Mumbai, and Thane have already set benchmarks for modern-day schooling and rest of the players are gradually increasing pace to keep up with the same.

Holistic Development Education Programmes at Best International Schools in Pune

CP Goenka International School, one of the best international schools in Pune, has set an influential example for other schools when it comes to its approach to education. Unlike many CBSE schools in Pune, CPGIS focuses on the holistic development of its students, rather than focusing on testing their theoretical knowledge. Several initiatives and practices by the school have proven to be successful in reforming the educational process and churning out young adults who are not just well-versed with bookish knowledge but are also quick learners, problem solvers, global citizens, gender neutral, creative and innovative individuals, each with a distinct personality and drive.

CP Goenka International School offers various educational programs such as Cambridge A Levels and IBDP. However, it also continues to be one of the leading CBSE schools in Pune that have adopted innovative ways of learning such as no wall classrooms, DIY activities, and now the Innovation Lab. While the no wall classrooms and DIY activities are meant to encourage the students to go above and beyond classes and books to explore new subjects, the Innovation Lab gives them a space to put to use their imagination, logic, problem solving skills and understanding of technical subjects. Under the guidance of qualified and trained teachers, the students learn to try different approaches to get the desired result from an object they created.

Apart from encouraging students to be creators and innovators, CP Goenka International School also encourages students to pursue extra-curricular activities that aid in honing their talent as well as social skills. CPGIS aims to raise global citizens by providing a nurturing environment conducive to help students recognise and tap into their true potential in order to bring about a real change in the society. Against the backdrop of global crises affecting the world today, it is only a holistic educational approach like this that will help the coming generations sustain a financially, socially and emotionally stable life.

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