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Going school to e-school!

July 02, 2020

Ever wondered how we reacted earlier when people called school as e-school; well considering these surrealistic times, this term no longer remains the same especially with the onset of virtual classrooms. The growing pandemic has paved a path to technology and as technology revives the written word we are all awestruck by the multi- faceted techniques the virtual classrooms initiated by IGCSE board schools in Mumbai have to offer.

Though ubiquitous, the virtual learning approach adopted by CBSE schools in Pune has commenced a new age of learning. Safe and secure, students can now access online lessons with the click of a button transforming the comfortable home atmosphere into that of knowledge and learning. The clash of swords, the poets’ romantic verses, the beating of the bleeding heart and the blasts of the volcanic eruptions with chemical reactions is all made available at your home with the virtual class introducing new methods of teaching.

Are you thinking that your child may become an introvert if he stops socializing? Well, that’s not a possibility with the virtual classrooms conducted by IGCSE schools in Pune. Children have developed a liking to this platform of teaching learning and are initiating discussions, debates and taking up leadership roles such as peer teaching and peer assessing; now that is definitely going to boast their morale, don’t you think so?

Learning from home is just as simple as working from home. Imagine you and your child working together, benefits are: you share the same living space, the same gadgets at times (so you can keep a check on what has been accessed), the same lunch hours and what’s more you get family time 24/7( hope it doesn’t choke some of us- just kidding, we all love our families). But the trick here is to monitor your child wisely. Remember, it’s the same international school in Mumbai, the same old teacher, the good old subjects and a whole new method of teaching and learning. Keep a track of lessons and timely submissions, revert mails with your valuable feedback, ask your query and you are good to go.

Remember, the schools have closed down not the education. So, next time when you hear someone say ‘e-school’ just think about the good old days, keep your fingers crossed for the best of days and say- ‘yes, school is cool’.

-Sunila R. Gunjikar
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