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Curating A Comprehensive Learning Experience Through Open Interactions

february 20, 2020

Over the years, our education systems, our learning patterns and teaching approach has transformed a great deal from one generation to another. While, we still follow the classroom and blackboard style of learning, learning for every child has always been a personal and individual experience. No matter how streamlined or organised the learning process is, it is at the end the student whose willingness to learn and interest in the subject that determines its effectiveness. At CP Goenka international School, we work towards igniting this interest and willingness among our students through our unique and specially designed curriculum.

Curating A Comprehensive Learning Experience Through Open Interactions

With a vision to impart education with a difference, we at CP Goenka brings to our students a learning environment that enables them to learn just the way they want thereby curating for them a comprehensive learning experience. Adopting IGCSE, ICSE and CBSE boards for our various schools we assure competitive and modern education to our students in order to help them develop themselves as well-groomed individuals of tomorrow. Our spacious and well planned campus, skilled teaching staff and highly modern technologies helps us to create not just an advanced academic experience for our students but also build for them an environment that is brimming with knowledge.

Being one of the best IGCSE Schools in Pune and ICSE Schools in Thane West, we function with a motto of creating successful individuals of tomorrow. As educators, we have learned the importance of a personalised learning experience and therefore rigorously work towards it through our open dialogue education and application based curriculum. While our classrooms are equipped with digital boards and LED screens, we extend our teachings beyond the four walls of our classrooms to include the cafeterias, halls, libraries, labs or even the play area. Addressing the curiosity of every child, our program encourages open dialogue between the student and the teacher across the campus thereby helping them learn at their own pace and with their own curiosities.

We work towards inspiring enthusiasm for enquiry among students wherein our teachers serve as mentors and supporters of the students as they dive deeper into their worlds of imagination and understanding and recognise and develop their own creative and intellectual abilities. Among one of the few IGCSE Schools in Pune, our school not only offers a rigorous curriculum based on global learnings but also works towards building a community of students and teachers bonded with respect, kindness and knowledge.

While learning through practical understanding and application works for many students, we also inculcate a playful learning experience through our extended activities and programs across the year. With an artificial FIFA approved football turf, a unique basketball ground and our fully equipped sports arena we help our students learn and develop sportsmanship and collaboration thereby making them achievers at a global stage and us one of the best ICSE Schools in Thane West.

With such a holistic approach to education, we, at CP Goenka International School assure an education that extends beyond books making them future ready individuals and successful personalities of tomorrow.

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