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CPGIS Shares Ways to Deal with the Four Most Common Parenting Mistakes

November 26, 2021

When it comes to child-rearing, everyone makes mistakes. Even as adults, we are not without flaws, and we are not always conscious of how our acts are seen by others or how they may affect future generations. However, certain child-rearing methods may cause more harm than good. It's natural for parents to make a few parenting mistakes, but one of the most prevalent blunders that can lead to major consequences is failing to reflect on one's own conduct.

CPGIS, one of the Best International Schools in Pune, explains the four most common parenting blunders and how to avoid them.

• Ignoring their concerns and queries

When we dismiss our children's questions and concerns as trivial, inconsequential, unusual, or daring, we restrict their curiosity. It discourages free communication and open-mindedness while also suffocating creativity and curiosity in them.

Listen to your child when he or she talks to you to correct this parenting error. Put your problems aside and give your child the time and attention she deserves. Parents have a lot on their hands, and a child's questions might seem never-ending! But let us make an attempt to listen to their concerns and provide honest answers to their challenges.

• Making no apologies to them

While some parents refuse to own their faults in certain circumstances, many others never apologise to their children, even when they are well aware of their guilt! One of the most obvious ramifications is that children do not learn to apologise. However, a more serious implication is that children may develop a habit of justifying wrong behaviour.

Start with the most basic of duties. Apologize for the next time your child gets in the way in the kitchen and you chastise them. It won't be easy, and it will need a lot of thinking and effort on your part. Raising conscientious children, on the other hand, is a key step.

• Treating them the same as a toddler

Many parents refuse to see their children as distinct human beings as they grow up. This can be harmful in a variety of ways. You will leave your child ill-equipped to face even the most fundamental problems in life as long as you continue to prepare the road for your child rather than preparing your child for the road.

Allowing them to develop is the best way to correct this parenting error. Allow them to grow into self-sufficient individuals. Give them the skills they need to make wise decisions instead of continuously doing things for them and patronising them. This is more important for authentic and meaningful survival.

• Being rigid in your approach

Many parents want their children to act in a certain manner and follow their instructions exactly. This mindset's parents frequently impose rigid restrictions that must be strictly observed. And if the rules are breached, there will be consequences. We may do so in order to create a "moral and well-behaved child," but this might harm a child's emotional development and capacity to think freely.

As a result, shifting one's perspective is critical. Put yourself in your child's shoes and try to understand what he or she going through. Recognize that it's alright if they grow up to be someone who is completely different from who you want them to be. That isn't always a bad thing.

Being a parent is not an easy task. There are no breaks or holidays, and it requires a tremendous deal of patience, foresight, and attention. ICSE Schools in Thane salute you for everything you do for your children every day. As parents, we must, nevertheless, consider our children's future. We should learn from our parenting errors, correct them, and realise that there is always a good outcome in any scenario!

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