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CBSE Schools in Pune Vocalize The Importance of Top 5 Online Courses For Every Student’s Future

December 31, 2020

With the world changing faster than ever before, we find reforms in various fields due to the technological transformation. Education has also been seeing crucial change as a result of it. While you might find it tough to deal with changes proactively, we as humans need to do so anyway. However, it’s not the same for your kid as they belong to a generation surrounded by technology in every phase of life. Thus, it becomes necessary to inculcate a habit of learning apart from academics using technology, so they outshine in every field.

Here is a list of five recommended online courses by CBSE Schools in Pune that your kid can take up to get an edge over this advanced society:

Computer Programming / Coding

Computer Coding lets your kid learn different programming languages that help develop computer products and allied services. It guides children to visualize abstract concepts and recognize real-world problems and apply mathematical approaches to it. To learn to code means to learn how to plan and organize, which leads to better academic skills and confidence in the child.

Foreign Languages

By learning a foreign language online, your kid can achieve the ability to talk to different people all across the globe. Multilingual kids always tend to be better learners in all the fields and become better task doers than monolinguals. While socially, they become more resilient towards others, financially, the kids get a boost in their salaries and vast career opportunities due to the demand for foreign language in the market.


Through online learning photography, your kid can learn different things about lighting, angle, positioning, and much more, which further helps your kid to understand various aspects of photography. Along the process, a child attains social skills and self-confidence. While sharing the works with others and on social media, a sense of one’s creations allows the kid to feel proud and applauded.

Personal Finance

Kids are generally not taught how to manage money in schools, which leads them to misinformation about handling or utilizing the source effectively. This is seriously something you won’t want. By joining online learning courses on personal finance, your kid can learn age-appropriate money skills, strategies to earn and save money, create budgets, and ultimately create a financial foundation.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is more of a commercial art used to communicate with the target audience and convey an idea. Hence, if your kid wishes to express thoughts through designs, graphic designing is the right course to do so. This course can add up to extra income via freelancing projects and bring recognition to your artist facade.

CP Goenka Best International School in Mumbai firmly believes that students can innovate, excel, lead, and create, only when parents advocate the importance of well-defined personality. And that is possible only when education becomes a purposeful process rather than a passive activity. Therefore, essential exposure is vital for every student to become a well-informed citizen and a global participant.

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