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CBSE Schools in Pune shares the top five tips to improve child’s Digital Health & Wellness

October 21, 2020

Since the COVID-19 crisis, the world has entirely been dependent on technological devices for communication, learning, and entertainment. But with ultimate exposure to these means, we equally need to focus on precautions as technology comes with its own set of pros and cons. Maximised usage of digital mediums can lead to multiple health issues such as eye strain, gadget addiction, hear loss, health decline, limited limb movement and so on. However, it becomes important to instil better practices in children that foster moderation.

The term ‘Digital Health & Wellness’ refers to smart usage of technological mediums such as mobile phone, laptop, computer, etc., without falling victim to its adverse effects. Considering the fact that each one of us is connected with the world only through gadgets, we also need to understand that too much of anything can be extremely harmful. Improper use of technology could disturb lifestyle and so, there must be a balance between optimum screen presence and impact on health and wellness.

Hence to maintain safety in children’s lives The Best International Schools in Pune shares five golden ways to improve their digital health.

1. Manage screen time

Establish rules and guidelines that lead to an appropriate amount of time with computers, phones, games, videos, and tablets. Allot timing as per the needful so children develop a habit of living in the discipline.

2. Promote physical activity

Just as eating and sleeping, physical activity should be as routine a part of your child’s life. Make sure that they practice stress reduction yoga and meditate regularly for strong mental as well as physical health. Also, be active yourself as you are their source of inspiration.

3. Talk about online safety

Set guidelines for what your children can and can't do on the web. Encourage them to come to you if they encounter a problem. Learn everything about the internet and guide them well enough with privacy and security.

4. Discuss the difference between productivity and technology

No doubt that technology saves the pace of working but the online output isn’t the only way of productivity. Hence to achieve productivity, children must indulge in activities such as household chores, home plantation, art and craft, DIY activities etc., as it will boost their growth in a holistic manner.

5. Teach about ethics and citizenship

Teach kids to evaluate what they download, click, and share. Educate them about copyright law and fair use act to ensure that they follow the rules in using and sharing content. Administrate about plagiarism and teach them to be thoughtful and report cyberbullying incidents to elders.

The Best International Schools in Pune knows that digital media and devices are an integral part of society. But to avail benefits, the usage must be defined to moderation appropriately. Thus for the healthy development of children CBSE Schools in Pune shares ways that can redeem positively in the future.

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