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IGCSE School in Mumbai Bestows Five Smart Social Media Tips for Students in This Digital Era

September 24, 2020

With the passing of years, the internet changed its phase massively. From looking up at the encyclopedia to surfing online a lot has changed over the years. Knowing that internet is at the fingertips of the users today, it comes with its own set of pros and cons that needs to be obeyed. As the power of social media can make almost everything easier, it’s important to learn how to utilize this opportunity for benefit.

Social media is about collaborating, networking, sharing, and knowledgeable content. All these features are of great value in the context of education. Adhering to the fact that today every human is intimately involved with social media at every stage, IGCSE Schools in Pune highlights five smart social media tips on how to integrate this platform into education effectively.

1. Learning & Networking

Today learning has gone beyond the classrooms. Technological learning is promoted in major schools through their websites. With hands-on social learning, students can revise their learning’s or rectify their doubts through various social media channels, for example, YouTube. If at all missed a certain class, students can receive study material through WhatsApp. Helping students follow their passion related to Art, History, and Sciences, learning and networking has proven to be a boon for children in terms of widening horizons for equipped understanding.

2. Creating & Expressing

Considered to be a global stage, social media has become an authentic platform to create and express. Without waiting for one certain opportunity, students can showcase their talents online. From owning a YouTube channel to writing blogs, there’s a lot that can be done to reach a larger audience. Bringing forth talent will not only bring recognition but also gives students reward in form of collaborations with most popular companies who encourage the same interest and skills.

3. Experiencing Global Exposure

Social media bestows students with great opportunities to know about the diverse cultures present around the world. Different cultures, traditions, lifestyles, language, food, and much more can be discovered that can shape one as an independent citizen. Students can also participate in courses around the globe to boost their cognitive skills. Being the best medium of sharing ideas and thoughts, social media definitely gives identity to learners which is incredible.

4. Discovering Undiscovered

Acknowledging the fact that social media is an open pool to dive in, it’s really an engaging platform for individuals who are inquisitive by nature. Their quench of knowing more about a certain factor can help them learn some really cool and amazing facts on social media that was really never out there. This can enhance their research powers that can elevate their academic performances too.

5. Knowing & Updating Community

All thanks to the social media platform that today every person can actively participate in the welfare of the community. Raising funds for calamity prone states, organizing awareness programs, holding global-level competitions, distribution of essential stuff, etc., can be done easily through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This will surely make students more responsible and educate them about world affairs.

As social media has become one of the biggest platforms ever in history, IGCSE Schools in Pune aims at mentoring students about the effective utilization of these platforms that in return will contribute to their holistic development and make them a clever individual. Thus with 100% guidance, IGCSE School in Mumbai aspires to mold budding learners in this social evolution era.

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