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CP Goenka International School, Best ICSE School in Thane, Provides Infrastructure Conducive to All-Round Development

Apart from academics and theoretical knowledge, children learn vicariously through observation, participation and interaction with family and peers. To achieve this, it is important for international schools in Thane to create an atmosphere of learning that is conducive to growth, encourages creativity and opens avenues for the students to explore during their schooling years. CP Goenka International School, one of the best ICSE schools in Thane West, offers students modern infrastructure and a qualified faculty along with a plethora of extra-curricular activities that promote all-round development.

CP Goenka International School, Best ICSE School in Thane West, Provides Infrastructure Conducive to All-Round Development

Since the last couple of years, international schools in Thane and other parts of the city have been focusing on giving students holistic learning experience by introducing innovative teaching methods. AI-based learning and experiential learning are some of the newer methods adopted by schools. CP Goenka International School is the best ICSE school in Thane West with state-of-the-art infrastructure across all their branches. Some of its top-class facilities include:

1. Innovation Lab

With the belief that every child is innately an innovator, the innovation lab is specially designed to expose students to subjects like engineering, robotics, technology, programming and more. The teachers guide and mentor the students to use logical thinking and creativity to come up with concepts and prototypes.

2. E-Library

While it is important to follow a curriculum, access to an e-library gives the students the power to explore subjects of their interest beyond textbooks. The school promotes independent learning and encourages the students to conduct research on various subjects.

3. Digital Classrooms

Weaving technology into classrooms is a development that schools have to adapt to, thanks to the technological revolution which has changed the educational landscape. With digital systems such as audiovisuals, projector screens, tablets and more, learning has been made fun, enjoyable and interactive in digital classrooms.

4. Music and Dance Room

Music, Singing and Dancing form part of the cultural arts that are often overlooked, owing to the immense academic pressure on the students. However, the music and dance rooms in CP Goenka International schools encourage aspiring artists to explore their potential and practice the art during school hours.

With all of these amenities and more, students receive an all-round development opportunity at CP Goenka International School.

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