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A Level Schools In Pune encourages parental friendship with teenager children

November 28, 2020

A Level Schools In Pune believes that with constantly changing lifestyles it is inevitable for all of us to adapt to the alteration and modification. On the other hand, our children have been born in this environment, learning as well as witnessing and as a result, are naturally capable of adhering to changes than us. This delinks parents from their teenage children and leaves no common ground or ways to relate. Also, another contribution towards this breakdown is that parents find it typically tough to accept the period of intense growth for youngsters physically and mentally both.

As a result, it’s intelligibly a time of confusion, conflict and upheaval within the family and tends to be the toughest years in any parents’ life. At such a time, you may not feel like you have much influence on your child, but you should know that a youngster’s behaviour is wholly correlated with the strength of their bonds with their oldsters. CP Goenka International CBSE Schools In Pune and IGCSE takes you through various steps that can strengthen the bond with your teenager based on mutual trust and respect:

Engage in healthy conversations

Discuss with your kids concerning their day and share insights from your life with them. In the same vein as adults, teenagers too expect to be heard with respect. Always be a reliable and available person for your child to speak to. This doesn’t mean you have got to simply accept or consider everything, however letting your teenager talk openly, gives them a chance to hear their own ideas played out loud which will give them a better analysis.

Make Home a Fun Place

With the attention span decreasing constantly in young minds, hunt for opportunities to throw a joke into a conversation or do something that makes your children have fun and be able to relax. Make sure to eat meals together as often as you can as it can be a great opportunity to unwind, reinforce and bond.

Find Common Interests

Spend time with them in activities such as cooking recipes, playing games, watching movies or going shopping. Having an identical interest will extremely perk up your relationship with them. This can help you build a strong and constant channel of communication with them.

Be the Confidante

When your child trusts you, they might not hesitate to share their secrets and knowledge. Trust your child and allow them to trust you too. This is a reliable way to keep in touch with your teenage child’s life and challenges and to spot brewing problems.

Give Space

As friends, respecting every other’s social and personal life provides quality time to them and to the parents also. Dominating and controlling every aspect of a teen’s life might strain your relationship with them and have a negative impact on the long term.

Be there for your teenagers whenever they need help whether for studies or their personal lives. Your insightful guidance will provide support and make them independent decision-makers. Knowing that it is a must for parents to establish trust, develop rapport, and let teenagers make their choices, CBSE Schools In Pune suggests to equally monitor all of it from a safe distance for their well-being. 

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