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A Level Schools In Pune bestow five amazing hacks for creating the right homework space for learners.

February 27, 2021

“Study” is a five-lettered word to many kids, but as a parent, our job is to make sure that homework gets done as it is called out to be the jeopardy of schooling years and can be the origin of bountiful drama within the house. “Where is my notebook?” “Have you seen my eraser?” and last but not the least, “Is your homework finished?!” Instead of getting ourselves involved more in the drama, why not make our house set-up a point of peace amongst the chaos, and set our budding champs up for success by creating an incredible homework station desk even though it’s a small space?

Teaching children about time management will help them deal with life challenges as they continue to learn and grow. Thus, to help them stay motivated and on top of their work, Best CBSE Schools In Pune have put together some ideas for creating homework space for a child that inspires productivity. Below are the top five guidelines that can even compel the most challenged students to beef up their study habits.

Choose Space Wisely

Parents need to determine whether they want their children to do the homework in their bedroom or study in a public arena. Although it entirely depends on the parent’s preference, striking a balance for oversight with possible distractions in any room is mandatory. Doesn’t matter which place you select for your child to do their homework, make a note that the spot is quiet and away from household foot traffic.

Support Single-Mindedness

The child’s homework or household study area should always consist of tools that mentor them to stay organized and focused. For example, define how long a task should take if you put a weekly printable planner to help your child visualize how to break large assignments into more manageable pieces. It will not only help kids stay on task but also structure their routine uplifting the performance.

Keep It Academic

The most important thing to keep in mind is that kids’ homework space should be just a space for doing homework and not storing any electronics gadgets or one that’s so comfortable that a child would want to hang out there in their free time. We all want our children’s brains to relate the space with a specific purpose. Hence, removing every little thing that is not related to academics will help them go straight into study mode when they sit down.

Try Aromatherapy

Several studies have proven that certain scents, like citrus, can help boost concentration. Undertaking this approach while planning your kid’s homework space can prove to be beneficial. Whether you use essential oil diffusers or place a covert bowl of oranges on the desk, these highly underestimated senses of smell may surely elevate concentration level.

Avoid Too Much Comfort

Kids, for sure focus on studies, if the study place has zero distractions. However, sometimes it can bounce back. Kids may become too comfortable in a pleasant environment while studying. If this frequently happens at your place, then it must be put to an end. For instance, if your child is wearing pyjamas, ask him to change it and go to the study table as this will give their mind a signal that this time is only for study and not amusement.

Remember that your motivation plays a crucial role when it comes to shaping a child’s individuality. Therefore it becomes vital to play the right cards to give your child the best, adding more to your parenting style. With interesting hacks by A Level Schools In Pune, you can swiftly transform a dull routine into a considerable schedule for life and witness your loved ones achieving milestones!

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