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10 fun physical activities for Kid at home

August 14, 2020

Children have eccentric energy which often tires out adults. Physical activities help strengthen muscles, improve agility, posture, and are helpful for the overall development of the child. As one of the Best International Schools in Mumbai, we always aim to stress the importance of physical activity during the foundation years of your little ones.

Physical activities for kids

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, all of us have been restricted to our homes. But teachers and facilitators of Play school in Mumbai suggest that being at home shouldn’t hinder their physical activity and as parents, you can initiate a host of indoor friendly physical activities for them.

Here’s a list of some fun and amazing activities that you can try with your kid at home-

Floor is Lava

This is a childhood classic game, and there is only one rule: do not touch the floor. Parents can also delve into this game, which is not only fun and promotes a great deal of physical activity but also builds up the child's imagination.


Dancing improves muscle coordination, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Little kids are innately expressive and respond actively to music. Because of its immense benefits, some of the best international schools in Mumbai create their curriculum around dance for children to improve their physical health and stay active throughout the day.

Musical Chair

Another classic childhood game, the musical chair is more than just a fun game. Many play school in Mumbai use this game because it offers a good balance of fun and physical activity. Through this game, children are subtly introduced to the idea of resolving argument, strategic thinking, and patience.

Indoor Obstacles

Parents can create a maze using pillows, bedsheets, and tapes into a hurdle which the child has to cross to reach from point A to point B. This game will keep them focused on one activity for a long period and will also make them feel driven and motivated to have fun indoors.

Skipping Rope

There are immense benefits of skipping rope; it improves balance, keeps children focused, and regulates good cardiovascular health. The activity is also a great tool to teach counting to kids and keep them engaged both mentally and physically.

Yoga and Exercise

Yoga and exercises are a crucial part of human existence, especially in today’s age. It is primarily a solitary activity; however, you can urge your young one to do a yoga/ exercise challenge with you. It will not only benefit their physical health but will also keep them focused on a goal and improve your bond with your child.


Handstand is a good physical activity for children because they are flexible and have immense core strength. Moreover, a challenge like a handstand will teach your child the importance of focus, attention, and the need to be driven in their life.

Line on Tape Balance

A simple game that requires masking tape to draw lines in multiple patterns on the floor. This game will keep them entertained for hours while teaching them the importance of balance.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

You can hide toys and special treats for them as a reward in this game. This game while keeping them entertained promotes a good balance of physical activity and will also establish spatial knowledge in them.

Indoor Bowling

Construct a bowling tower with plastic cups and a ball. It is a simple game that is charged with physical activity, improves hand-eye coordination in children, muscle memory, and will also improve their analytical skills while keeping them entertained.

As the Best International School in Mumbai, we believe in uplifting the students by bestowing them with a rational mindset and robust exterior. Ensuring the best for budding learners, we as a prominent CBSE Schools in Pune makes sure to align opportunities of growth even in such unprecedented times.

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