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CP Goenka International School in Oshiwara


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CP Goenka International School, Oshiwara is one of the most technologically and academically advanced school in the city. With state of the art infrastructure at par with global educational standards, we hold the key to 21st century learning parameters. From fully air conditioned campus with digital smart boards in each & every classrooms to a dedicated and specialized sports and performing arts club, CPGIS Oshiwara is the front runner in the education industry.

With the motto of creating a global identity out of the learners on campus, we make an endeavour to create a new benchmark in the field of academics and extra-curricular activities. Running the most recognized and coveted IGCSE Cambridge curriculum in the world, we strive to match the learning outcomes of the curriculum and aspire to become one of the best schools in the vicinity.

Having a dedicated and highly trained teaching faculty pool along with visionary management, the school is already soaring new found heights in the field of universal education.

Excellent teaching is the most significant contributing factor that impacts learner’s academic performance and the development of the their attributes.

The Teaching faculty at CPGIS is one of the strongest attribute contributing to the success of the school. The  teachers have mastery over their subject areas and teach for better understanding and concept clarity for the learners.

They connect learning to the real world and provide an interdisciplinary experience to the learners making the learning concrete. They tactfully and skilfully inculcate problem solving ability and logiocal reasoning in the learners as effective mentors.

We at CP Goenka International School, Oshiwara provide an innovative platform to all our learners to excel in their innate potential and develop a global identity and success with grace.