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Want Math to be fun for kids? Here are the top five pointers to remember!

January 28, 2022

Children are inherently inquisitive. They like exploring and learning about the world around them, specifically when they have the opportunity to do it firsthand! Children may expand their minds and build abilities that will last a lifespan when they are involved in an activity or interacting with others. Math isn't an exception! International Schools in Andheri outline five simple ways to intrigue your child in math at home at any time of day. It will help them enjoy math more now than ever!

• Make math effortful and engaging for children.

It's critical to make math feel like fun rather than a chore. You may depict fractions as food items and transform tough operations questions into games of stone-paper-scissors. For instance, if you have a lot of jelly bellies and wish to distribute them evenly among three individuals, chop the jelly bellies in thirds using three knives and provide one-third to each individual.

• Implement a new approach.

Even for adults, math issues may be challenging. Introduce a new method by modelling it for your kid when something doesn't make logical sense. Show them how you handle different division problem types if they're slowing down in one area of math, such as long division, so they realise the link.

• Assist your children in figuring out how to tackle difficulties.

Prepare the child for accomplishment once you've taught them fundamental math skills by guiding them to identify when they need help and how to acquire it. Give them a calculator to conduct simple calculations if there is trouble with mental math. Help them master the clock-reading approach if they are having problems telling time. They can also benefit from counting hands or utilising analogue clocks.

• Look for or make games

Play math-based board games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Minute To Win It with your children. You may also create new games or tweak current ones to include math.

• Practice math facts

This one is a piece of cake! Set a time limit and ask your child to attempt as several math questions as possible in the allotted time, such as two minutes. Set the timer for various intervals to challenge children at multiple stages.

Math exercises enable students to gain focus, which is one of the essential benefits. With far too many diversions around them nowadays, such as television and cell phones, your child will benefit from whatever focusing practice they can receive. Math may also play a role in achieving success in other subjects. When your child adapts to addition, you will find that they recall words and numbers considerably faster than usual.

Everybody recognises that math is a vital subject for children to acquire, yet it can be challenging! Fortunately, these top five methods by the best schools in Mumbai can assist you in engaging your children in this essential topic. Following these steps will get children interested in their work and confident about their ability to solve challenges!

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