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Ulwe's Best CBSE School: A Path to Academic Excellence

October 30, 2023

Do you want your child to get the best learning experience but are unable to choose the right school and curriculum? Are the multiple choices leaving you confused? Each curriculum has its own speciality and you can choose a system based on how you want your kid’s education to be. There are state-level, national level and international-level curriculums taught across schools in India. This blog will help you understand the advantages of studying in Central Boards (CBSE) offered at CP Goenka, the best cbse school in ulwe.

CP Goenka - A sneak peek

Located at Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, CP Goenka is one of the best cbse schools in ulwe. CP Goenka offers a flexible and varied curriculum where the focus is not just on academia but also on the overall development of the kid and their individual growth. Each class is digitally well equipped as it enhances the interactive learning mode. With an international curriculum in focus, the teaching method is centred around the learner-centric educational approach. Therefore, students and their learning preferences are given more importance, while active participation is maintained in the classrooms. The school also offers several facilities like the confidence-building program, multipurpose hall, innovation lab, life skill development program and even excellent outdoor play areas with turf.

Reasons To Choose CBSE

  • It is one of the most popular curricula in India and is recognised by the Indian government.
  • In today’s world, it is always best to learn another new language. At CBSE schools, students are allowed to learn another language apart from their regular language and English.
  • The curriculum is analysed and approved by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) which ensures uniformity in examinations across the schools offering studies under this system.
  • While it is recognised at the national level, one might wonder what makes it equally good as the international curriculum. Besides offering quality education, CBSE is also recognised by many universities around the world which secures the dreams of travelling abroad for education and work purposes.
  • CBSE schools are available across the country and CP Goenka has branches in different cities. Therefore, even if you have to constantly change cities, you could ensure that your kid’s education is not interrupted.
  • The high-quality teaching methods with an in-depth reading of several concepts help you be prepared for several competitive exams, be it JEE and AIEE or entrance exams for international universities.

Besides these aspects, there is also a focus on overall growth in the CBSE curriculum, where sports and non-academic events are also given equal importance.

What makes CBSE and CP Goenka special?

CP Goenka is one of the best schools navi mumbai to provide CBSE curriculum-based education. While CBSE syllabi are the best to nurture young minds and cover several topics in a detailed manner, CP Goenka takes the learning experience a step further by placing priority on learner-centred instruction, which encourages students to think, react and express more. Since CBSE subjects delve deep into several topics, it piques the curiosity of the kids to explore more about the ideas that fascinate them. Most international schools like CP Goenka also offer extensive arenas of extra-curricular opportunities like dance, music, craft, sports and more. The use of interactive techniques and advanced teaching methods enhance the kids’ learning experience.


It is indeed the right decision to enrol your children in an international school in ulwe. There are several popular ulwe school cbse who are known for their quality education and warm atmosphere. One such best cbse schools in navi mumbai is CP Goenka, where learning beyond the classroom is made a priority.

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