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Transitioning to an International School in Pune: What Parents Need to Know ?

Will your children step into the world of Secondary-grade education in the near future? But, you want your kids to transition to an international school. Moving to a global-standard school in India is truly a thrilling idea. It gives learners good opportunities for cultural exploration and personal growth. However, transitioning to a different school often makes students confused. They may face challenges and surprises in an unfamiliar place. Before considering an international school for your kids, you should know about some important things. An informative journey will remove the obstacles, and you can make the right decision.

Facts that parents and learners must know before choosing an international school:

Never overlook these facts while admitting your kids to an IGCSE school.

The school curriculum will be different:
The curriculum in international schools differs significantly from that in national schools. Parents should analyse the school curriculum in detail and learn about the classroom structure. The best globally recognised schools in Pune implement a different teaching style. In most cases, their curricula encourage self-learning and inquiry. However, make sure your kids can adapt to the teaching method and curriculum.

Learners must embrace the self-discovery approach:
If you send your children to international schools in Pune, it allows them to start their journey for self-discovery. It will also promote self-development in their life. The international school will expose your kids to different customs and cultures. It inspires them to choose the right traditions for their future life.

School’s values must correspond to personal values:
As a parent, you should ensure that the school’s philosophy and values match your kids’ personal values. It will help them adjust to the school environment without a hassle. So, understand the mission of the globally recognised school.

Speak to other parents and students:
Current students of the chosen school can provide unbiased information. You can cross-check facts from multiple sources. You may also visit the school’s website to learn different things, including the educational facilities and teaching staff.

What makes an international school education valuable?

If your children are admitted to an international school, you will find a difference in educational standards. Moreover, there are several other reasons for transitioning to a school with global accreditation.

Better quality education:
The best international school enables students to realise their full potential. The trained teachers know that only memorising the information is not enough for a child. That is why they focus more on the cognitive learning process. The school has adequate resources to promote learning and teaching activities.

Challenging curriculum:
Some children claim that international curricula are challenging to them. However, it forces them to push beyond their limits. There are dedicated and qualified teachers to help them accept the curriculum without any obstacles. Thus, your kids will receive the best education in the globally recognised schools in Pune.

A lot of extracurricular activities:
Although the academic standard is high in international schools, it never means students should always engage with education. Extracurricular activities allow children to participate in sports. Your kids will have a well-rounded development during their academic life.

Modernised facilities:
Most international schools in India try to improve their facilities to allow learners to build a strong foundation and acquire new skills. Modern convenience encourages children to have new ideas in life. IGCSE schools have created a dynamic learning environment. Well-equipped laboratories, auditoriums, and libraries in these schools have maintained the best standards.

Extra safety:
Newcomers in an international school will not feel unsafe. The reputed schools try to provide the best schooling experience and consider the safety issues seriously. The learning environment is also safe for every student, and the faculty will take care of your children.

Tips for easing the transition to a new international school:

Make an extensive plan-

As your children have considered changing schools, they will experience a new environment. It takes time to become familiar with this environment. As a parent, you should help your children to be mentally prepared to accept the new surroundings.

Help with cultural adaption- Adapting to a new culture is important for a child transitioning to a new international school. The best schools guide the kids to have a solid understanding of the culture through different activities and programs.

Speak to your children and teacher-

It is the most significant factor before moving to a new school. When you decide on admitting your kids to an international school, you must discuss it with them. It will help them tackle every concern patiently. You should also meet the teacher if your children face any issues in the new school. The partnership between educators and parents will benefit the kids.

Encourage interaction with peers-

Your kids can avoid being nervous if they communicate more with their peers. This communication also helps them learn about the new curriculum and different activities in the school.

Why choose CP Goenka as the international school?

CP Goenka is a top-rated IGCSE school with a multicultural atmosphere. CP Goenka aims at making every learner into a responsible adult. From overseas exchange programs to internship programs, different facilities are available at the school. The school strives to uplift your children’s spirit in diverse ways. Literacy is not the only focus of CP Goenka, as the IGCSE school focuses on the all-round development of the students. Preschoolers also can choose the school to develop a good foundation for their future.

Teacher’s help learners participate in the active learning process for long-term retention of the information. Moreover, CP Goenka is a popular destination where students can achieve AS and A-level qualifications.


The brief guide will help students and parents make a smooth transition to international schools. Some children have mixed emotions when they move to a different school. However, with the parent’s guidance and assistance, they can overcome challenges. The outcome of an educational journey may be unpredictable, but students should embrace the learning environment for success. So, choose the best International school in Pune for academic enrichment of your kids.

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