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Best International School in Pune Suggests Tips on Helping Kids Stay Focussed at Home During Quarantine

July 20, 2020

With classes and schools confined into the small screens of your kids tablets or laptops, imparting education is undergoing a drastic change. It has been hard not just for us but also for our kids who now are struggling to concentrate on their studies even harder, as the lockdown takes a toll on their mental and physical peace. As parents, it has become all the more difficult to help our kids with studies as the woes of working from home, sanitizations, groceries and home chores keeps us occupied even more in an attempt to keep our families safe and healthy.

Well! We know what it is like for you and for your children and therefore as one of the best international schools in Pune and Mumbai we are here to not only help your kid learn and focus better from their homes but also help you a sigh of relief from the pressures of your child’s education.

Here are five tips for you to help your child become a better home learner without compromising on their concentrations and your work.

1. Curate a specific study area for your child

One of the first things that help a child stay focussed is when his/her play area or comfort area is segregated from their study area. Be it a separate study room or even a study table; make sure that your child has a specific place in your home for their studying. This helps them to stay focussed tuning out any distractions that may arise.

2. De-clutter their spaces

While having a separate space may help your child focus better, it is also necessary that their space is well organised and clutter free so as to provide them a convenient learning experience without any scope of mess or distractions.

3. Respect their School timings

In a time when all the members are at home, maintaining focus on the screens becomes quite difficult for the child. Thus, it is important that you respect their study times and ensure that the entire family is careful about the child’s timings. Small changes such as isolating their study rooms/spaces, lowering the family chatter, switching televisions off will really help your child focus better on their classes.

4. Reward them for their learnings

While almost all the ICSE and CBSE Board schools in Pune have taken to the digital learning model, we at C.P Goenka International School have come up with a specially designed interactive e-learning classroom for our students. With frequent quizzes, open discussions, two way conversations between the students and the teachers, we ensure that your child keeps their academics in check through timely assessments. As parents, simply rewarding your child for their performance will keep them motivated to not only learn everyday but also perform better in their academics.

5. Play

Last but not the least, a child’s learning experiences is never fulfilled with just academics and books. In times when they are not even allowed to meet their friends, engage in outdoor sports etc., it is necessary that you keep your child active by engaging with them at home. Play out a weekend game of carom with your child or even indulge in some board games or puzzles, this will not only keep your child’s brain active and happy but also help you destress from your daily work and chores.

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