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Why should students opt for IBDP Programme at the Best International School in Mumbai

August 10, 2020

Aristotle rightly said “that we educate ourselves so that we can make noble use of our leisure.”

The IB education at its very core encompasses international peace, incubating & moulding young excellently diverse learners into stakeholders of the future who are sensitized, responsible, interdependent and interconnected towards every member of the community.

An Internationally recognized academic programme which is acclaimed worldwide for its cohesive, diverse and standardized curriculum, academic preparedness through a wide range of subjects, greater academic and extracurricular challenges, promotion of global and cultural awareness and college recognition globally. It is an education which is rigorous, global, progressive, highly challenging therefore greater achievements, resulting in personal and academic development and, upon successful completion, a globally recognized diploma.

A well known, celebrated IB alumni is Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, an epitome of IB learner known for his exemplary skills of communication, perseverance and calm demeanour in stressful situations. He strongly believes that his skills and attributes that moulded him into a good leader of the 21st century comes from his IB education.

We at C. P. Goenka International School, Oshiwara believes that the IB programme is a great way to prepare for the real world, we constantly strive and lay great emphasis on open mindedness, internationalism, collaboration and community service, thus ensuring that our learners flourish in a positive, holistic learning environment. We aspire to help our students succeed, we have innovated and developed our provision to facilitate today’s young minds - and tomorrow's - to be able to make this world much better than they found it.

We could have you joining us on our mission to make a difference to the local community, you could be a learner on a journey, an educator on the lookout for greater challenges, a visiting sportsperson, musician, guest speaker or artist, the possibilities of interconnection and interdependence are endless

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