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Shape the Future of Children with International Schools in Mumbai

June 28, 2023

The question of "What is the right international school in Mumbai for their child" is among a parent's most vexing dilemmas. These days, parents have so many options for their children's education that it's natural for them to feel overwhelmed. Putting your child on the route to a lifetime of learning, acceptance into top universities, and professional achievement begins with the school they attend. As every child is a special combination of skills, passions, and requirements, selecting an international school in Mumbai should center on the child as much as possible.

Consider these guidelines while you search for the best international schools in mumbai for your child in Mumbai:

Tests, courses, and co-curriculam

Parents in itinerant professions have the financial wherewithal to send their children to institutions accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the Council of Indian School Education (CISCE). No matter which school a child attends, the procedures and curriculum used by these central boards will be the same. Each of India's states also has its state board. Each state's curriculum is unique, and the state boards typically emphasize the state's native tongue. However, top-tier institutions like Mumbai and Delhi use the International Baccalaureate and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curricula. Parents should think about more than just what's on the schedule for their children. They need to find out if the school focuses mostly on academics or provides opportunities for the child's overall growth, such as athletics, art, debate, etc.

Fees & Expenses

Payment of fees and other costs is a major consideration when deciding whether or not to enroll a child in a certain school. One school's tuition may be prohibitively expensive compared to others, while another may waive application expenses but charge exorbitant yearly fees. Parents need to consider cost without sacrificing quality. It's not just tuition that a parent needs to consider while budgeting for a child's education; field trips, clubs, and other activities may require financial support.

Class size

In the best international schools in mumbai, the teacher and student interaction is crucial. Which school's maximum class size, 30 or 20, would you rather enroll your child in? You'd choose the second alternative because fewer students would be in each session, giving more individual attention and care. A good educator can make the classroom feel like a second home to the student.


In a large metropolis like Mumbai, accessibility to the school is a crucial consideration for parents. Since a kid should be at home studying or playing, not on the road. You need to find out if the school offers transportation. The schedule of the best international schools in mumbai should accommodate your job schedule if you are a working parent.


Every parent hopes their kid gets into a great school. Your kid can attend a private school in Kolkata, a public school in Jaipur, a government school in Delhi, or one of the best international schools in mumbai. Ultimately, the parents' and educators' outlooks and upbringing count the most. Sometimes even the best schools can't meet a child's needs, but a small school can make a difference. The guidance of teachers and parents complements a child's intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

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