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Positivity and Stay Happy Tips from the Best International School in Mumbai

May 26, 2020

Summers are one of the best months for school children. The idea of completing one academic year, giving their 100% in the final exams and enjoying summer holidays is nothing short of paradise for students. The stress of preparing for exams, maintaining attendance, securing good grades and then bidding farewell to teachers and classmates as schools close for the vacations – it is all part of the process of growing up. This process was abruptly interrupted when the world was faced with COVID-19 pandemic.

Positivity and Stay Happy Tips from the Best International School in Mumbai

No one across the world could have predicted that COVID-19 would have such a lasting impact. But as we prepare for lockdown 4.0, it is important to accept that we’re in this for the long haul. Maharashtra being one of the worst hit states, best international schools in Pune and Mumbai have been shut down indefinitely. The rapturous feeling of schools closing earlier than usual and exams being cancelled is sure to have worn off by now and it is understandable that the uncertainty could be unsettling for most of us.

In times like this, it is important to condition ourselves and teach our students the accept the present circumstances and find ways to cope with it positively. CP Goenka International School, one of the best international schools in Mumbai, has been a pioneer in adapting to this change and making learning as fun as it can for its students. Here are a few tips on being positive and staying happy during the continued lockdown, as shared by teachers of the best international school in Mumbai.

1. Maintain a routine

Losing track of time is easy when you don’t have to step out of the house. Having a routine helps keep the mind occupied and focused. With virtual classrooms initiated by some of the best international schools in Pune, students have a definite time to attend classes. Similarly, parents must put in place a routine for the students for other activities like play time, television time and sleep schedules.

2. Create dedicated spaces

Cabin fever is a condition caused by being stuck in the same space for a long period of time. It is distress, irritability and restlessness. In order to avoid this, parents can help their children create dedicated spaces for various activities like studying, sleeping, television and playing. This creates the illusion of change for the mind, thereby training it to cope better.

3. Be open to talking about negative emotions

The idea of being positive and staying happy is not to force yourself or your children to always see the bright side of things. It is humanly impossible to always be happy. In that case, parents must be the safe space for their children to talk about the negative emotions they might experience during this period. Building a bridge of communication where the child doesn’t feel forced to be happy and is allowed to grieve, mope and feel fearful paves the way for eventual surge of positivity and happiness.

With schools being shut, teachers as well as parents must share the responsibility of helping students adapt to the altered reality and approach the future with a positive outlook.

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