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Opening Global Opportunities at C.P Goenka International School in Mumbai

October 15, 2019

With the integration of international economies and the emergence of globalisation and glocalisation, the world has come closer to become an inclusive village with countries heavily reliant on not just local forces but also global forces for their growth and development. Competition therefore exists not only at the regional or national level, but also at the global level for every individual be it a professional, an employee, an organisation or even a student. In such a case, prepping up to face the global challenge and stand as unique individuals becomes a much needed task for today’s generation and citizens. While this remains the case of the 21st century, the coming age is sure to bring a greater global platform to individuals requiring much higher skills and competencies among the citizens in order to be successful in the future. With several institutions and schools bringing in IGCSE and IB boards through their international school formats, there is a need for a higher level of global competency development among the students in order to develop them as global citizens of tomorrow.

We, at C.P Goenka International School in Mumbai take this needed step forward with our unique and exemplar student exchange programs and world language education. Being one of the premium IB School in Oshiwara, C.P Goenka brings to its students a global platform right in their classroom with facilities and academics that makes students future ready. Our unique and global approach to skill development focusses on providing education of foreign languages and exposure to global cultures of the world in order to create a more enriching experience to the learning curve of the students. From elementary school to middle school and even high school, our program ensures a systematic approach to develop students and prepare them for the outside world, starting from beginner language learnings to intermediate and proficient language learnings along with exchange programs, enabling students to experience various cultures of the world first hand.

As an IB school in Oshiwara, C.P Goenka International School follows an international academic curriculum involving science, mathematics, technical learning, arts and English language right from the elementary levels. In addition to this, the courses for each level also include distinguished courses for world languages enabling and requiring students to pick unique languages right from the start of their education and build its proficiency until high school. Globally accepted languages such as Spanish, Latin, French and German are some of the languages that are taught to the students, ensuring each student to pick at least two language courses in order to hone their overall skills and developing them for a global career ahead.

While world languages help students to learn, adapt and understand the foreign cultures better, an additional aspect that helps students gain first hand understanding and local experience are the annual and quarterly student exchange programs. At C.P Goenka International School in Mumbai, students from middle school to high school are provided with several student exchange opportunities that enable them to visit foreign countries and pursue distinct education and courses. With our long standing liaisons and collaborations with some of the reputed universities and schools abroad, we provide our students opportunities to visit countries such as UK, France, Paris, Spain, USA, Germany, Australia and many more and pursue their education there as an exchange student.

Keeping with the changing times and rising global convergence, these international opportunities enable students to not only be ready for a global future ahead but also help them build their personalities and skills through wider exposure. With our exchange programs and language learning sessions, students build and sharpen their confidence and their abilities to adjust to new global cultures with ease and also develop a heightened sense of awareness and general knowledge thereby embarking their journeys for a global career in the future. In addition to this, while student exchange programs are aimed at providing exposure to foreign cultures to the students; it also helps to inculcate sensitivity among the students for their own national and regional cultures as they experience their own culture through their comparative lenses. Moving out of the country builds greater patriotism among the students for their existing culture and also helps them learn their own cultures better thereby making them both competent global citizens as well as conscious national citizens.

With such academic programs and opportunities coupled with state of the art infrastructure and fully equipped campus, we, at C.P Goenka International School, ensure an education and growth opportunity for our students that is beyond excellence. Driven by a vision for ‘learning beyond academics’ , we hone each of our students through our highly detailed and comprehensive academic curriculum that promises not just the development of technical and academic skills but also the development of social, personal and emotional skills prepping the students to become successful global citizens of tomorrow.

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