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Need of the Hour: Raising Global Citizens at Top International Schools Mumbai

March 21, 2020

It’s the year 2020 – the beginning of a new decade, the dawn of a new era. The year that began with much enthusiasm and excitement all over the world has proven to be what seems like an apocalypse. With a pandemic of COVID-19 threatening to wipe out a marginal population across the globe, financial year end inching closer, and communal riots disrupting the country’s harmony, it really makes us wonder whether we are teaching our kids the right values and mechanisms to sustain a normal, healthy life. Parents send their children to top international schools in Mumbai and strive to provide them with the best education. But is our education system strong enough to impart the necessary lessons to survive all of these crises?

Need of the Hour: Raising Global Citizens at Top International Schools Mumbail

Theoretical knowledge about warfare, politics, healthcare and socialization are part of any curriculum at the top IGCSE board schools in Mumbai. Everything students learn from books – history, science, art and literature – is good in theory, but lacks practical knowledge for implementation. IGCSE Board schools in Mumbai and other boards of education are facing a dire need to impart the kind of education that gives students the ammunition to stand tall in the face of a global crisis.

We, at CP Goenka International School, being one of the top international schools in Mumbai, believe it is our responsibility as an educational institution to impart values and knowledge that the students need to cope better with situations like the one that the world finds itself in today. With our exceptional curriculum and focus on holistic development of the children, we strive to impart core values of effective communication, teamwork, global and cultural citizenship, creative thinking, innovation, problem solving attitude, lifelong learning and gender equality among our students. We believe that these are the values that make students global citizens and equip them with a deeper understanding of self and the surrounding, which in turn helps them cope with difficult situations. Skills can be honed, and theories can be learnt. However, it is the values that one possesses which make them ideal citizens of tomorrow. With an identity of global citizenship, skills of effective communication, understanding of gender equality and spirit of teamwork, we can be assured that any crisis can and will be averted.

The pace at which nature is retaliating to years of being exploited at the hands of man, it is important for the coming generations to be prepared for dealing with life in the face of crises. When we’re on the bring of extinction, a new wave of thinkers and global citizens will be the saving grace for us all, and at CP Goenka International School, our aim is to raise ideal students who become global citizens of tomorrow to hold off mankind from going kaput.

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