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International School in Oshiwara promotes Equality as the Supreme Right of Every Human Being

June 22, 2020

Every learner deserves a fair opportunity, and this can only be possible when the core of the institution is free from biases. Thus, having an equitable educational system will help all the students to develop the knowledge and skills that will make them productive members of society. No one can avoid the fundamental society as we live and grow with it. It is the most essential yet sensitive part of existence. Nevertheless for a child, charity begins at home and the second home called ‘school’. Hence it is important to serve the right values and teach principles that help your child choose morals and ethics in circumstances efficiently.

International School in Oshiwara promotes Equality as the Supreme Right of Every Human Being

Traditional education has always highlighted historical events and brought students closer to culture. The basic idea behind this is to make students aware of the stages in the past, give adequate knowledge as citizens of the country, and make them independent by thoughts. This helps in formative years of development to become a critical thinker and balanced negotiator. Two major benefits of learning history are that you learn to keep records and establish a presence of mind. Happenings in the past do not only bring a sense of responsibility but also teach to respect genres and genders who have contributed to evolution. It bestows freedom as an opportunity to gather in oneness, free from all the types of prejudices and racism.

Knowing the fact that everyone is under lockdown for more than three months now, the world has witnessed some terror-stuck incidences around the corner. With widespread protests in the United States and gradually in other major cities of the world about colour discrimination, it is time for us to remind ourselves of the significance of equal rights, treatments and harmonious living. Everyone has equal rights and scope living in their respective democratic countries. However, we must teach the coming generations the basic elements and functioning of societies.

CP Goenka International School in Thane has always aimed at increasing access and removing barriers for education since the initial schooling phase. Providing equal treatment and similar resources to each student which enables them to compete on equal footing is the ultimate objective of CP Goenka International School. Even in the lockdown, our international school in Oshiwara and other branches is generating creative opportunities for the enrichment and progress of students. Online competitions, E-Learning tools, access to educational assets of the school, everything has been made available to the students. On and off-hours at international school in Oshiwara students get the privilege to be part of all the commenced sections. As today’s learner will be responsible for building a future economy, it is crucial to give them adequate exposure to the outright path in both learning and participating without depriving them of rightful approach.

The most important lesson that these times have taught all us of is social responsibility. Hence it is important to instill fairness and justice in the behavior of our children to make them clever individuals. Nurturing respect for humanity will bring students a sense of acceptance in vividness. Just like CP Goenka International School in Thane gives one ground, one heart attention to the students, parents must pledge to inculcate and enhance these values amongst the mind of budding learners with learnable discussions in the families too.

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